Business Entertaining - How To Host A Professional Event And Impress Your Clients

In business today, interaction with clients doesn't only occur in the boardroom over an agenda. Entertaining clients is an important part of your relationship; an opportunity to build rapport, to get to know each other and to impress. Alternatively, you might be taking an opportunity to entertain your workforce to thank them for a job well done. These business entertaining events may take many forms, but usually they will involve conversations over food in some way.

The catering for such events is therefore influential on how these relationships evolve. You may choose to have a traditional sit-down meal. This might be one table or several, depending on the amount of people you are entertaining and the impression you are trying convey. Ensuring that diners are attended to by trained waiters offering them a top-quality service will reflect well on your own business as a quality organisation. You can even go that extra mile and offer a full silver service for a real mark of quality. Such quality will make your guests feel appreciated, well treated and will allow you to comfortably get to know your guests whilst helping to ease along any discussions - be they business or non-business. Such a meal at a business entertaining event would typically present an array of hot dishes to your guests. It is typical to offer a small menu with a few alternatives to ensure all palates, tastes and dietary requirements are met.

A smaller number of dishes will help to reduce cost, but a wider choice may help to make your event a success. A good catering agency can help you plan your menu based upon the size of event you are planning and the requirements of you and your clients. An alternative for your business entertaining event is to provide a buffet. Buffets are an excellent way of giving your guests a wide choice of foods, both hot and cold, ensuring satisfaction for all. With buffets, your diners could be sat at tables or alternatively a more informal event may see your clients able to walk, talk and mingle throughout the room. Diners could serve themselves from a tabled buffet or be able to select their food from tray-bearing servers ensuring your guests are attended to efficiently. A good choice of finger food and canapés here can be more versatile. Such an approach may give a wider range of opportunities for networking and informal chats with your guests, helping to make your event a success.

The drinks on offer can vary with the nature of the business entertaining in question. Alcohol might be appropriate - a celebratory event would be enhanced by the presence of champagne for example. Your clients might appreciate a selection of fine wines to match the food on offer, but it will be wise to offer a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Certainly, if business is to be conducted, a moderate supply of alcohol will be sufficient. Tea and coffee will always be a satisfactory end to a meal. Finally, the organisation of the event is important. From the quality of the food to the level of service, the efficiency of the waiting staff to the atmosphere of the event, it is important to ensure your clients feel comfortable and valued and that your company is presented in the best light. As you can see, there are several aspects to think about when planning a business entertaining event. The decisions and planning can be aided by using a catering company to help with your requirements, lending their expertise to make sure the event goes smoothly.

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