Can An Open Forum Help You Make Them Cry Like Barbara Walters?

Everyone dreams of the opportunity to meet their favorite star and just ask them all sorts of questions. What's it like to be you? How did you get started? What's your next project? The list goes on. Of course, most of us just think it is only a fantasy and the best we can ever hope for is to see them the next time they are making the talk show circuit to promote their newest creative endeavor. That used to be the case but no more. Thanks to social media and interactive discussions hosted in open forums and online discussion formats, celebrity interviews are taking place all the time, and with the use of real-time commentary with most of them, the very question you have on your mind might just be the next one they answer.

Social media is a great way for celebrities to stay in touch with their fans. Services that allow fans to follow their favorite celebrity gives them the opportunity to know what is next for them. One of the most popular options is for celebrities to post pictures; some that show a behind- the-scenes look of the movie they might be making, while others are much like the ones that we share with funny observances from our day-to-day life. These pictures humanize them a little bit more, which in turn creates more of a bond. That bond gets much more firmly cemented when they host an interactive discussion online that lets them really open up and let loose.

In a traditionally formatted interview, the interviewee will have a strict set of questions. Those questions might be dictated by who is hosting the interview and directed at uncovering some hidden truth, or they might have been created by the celebrity themselves in order to purposefully discuss what is going on creatively for them at the time. The interviews that they have in open forums are usually quite the opposite of that. In many cases the person asking the questions is also a good friend of theirs, and possibly a celebrity in their own right, so it feels like less like an interview and more like a conversation. These interactive discussions allow us to be that proverbial fly on the wall and hear things we have always imagined. Add to that real-time commentary and it becomes almost as if we are part of that conversation as well.

Entertainment is a competitive business and celebrities are always looking for new ways to connect with their fans and keep building their careers. Thanks to social media, the opportunities that they have now are greater than they have ever been. By utilizing open discussion formats to interact directly with their fans, it helps them become more successful than ever and it makes us feel like we are part of that success.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who watches and listens to entirely too many celebrity interviews, especially on

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