Can You Improve Your Conversation Skills With Your Autistic Child?

Every child with the disorder of autism has varying degrees of communication skills. Do you want to improve the conversation skills for your child who has the disorder of autism? If you do, how can it be accomplished?

Many children with autism can be confused with certain phrases we use in our every day language. For example: "Pennies from heaven," or it is "raining cats and dogs," "money grows on trees, when blooming," "to save for a rainy day, you will be sure of a drizzle."

Trying to have your child understand and interpret this kind of conversation and language, is a challenge for your child. Can this be improved, to have your child better understand this type of communication?

Have you ever tried to comprehend some of the conversations you have had or are having, with your child who has autism, in addition, to his or her peers?

Some individuals use phrases with a large amount of chatter and talk that only they seem to understand and it means something to them. Someone else trying to listen and communicate with their conversation, it makes no sense and it is confusing.

Some individuals who have autism, will use a monologue and not quit talking. They are not aware of the fact, people are bored with their conversation. Parent(s) become confused as to how they can improve the skills of communicating with their child. You may be in that category.

I have a friend who has an autistic child and he is constantly using gestures. They are powerful with his conversations, but his gestures are extremely confusing for other people to understand what they mean.

You as parent(s), caregiver(s), must understand that your child does want to have a conversation, with you or other individuals. You have the challenge to improve it. Improving conversation skills with your child who has autism, requires patience.

In the past, I have used flash cards to help with conversation skills when children have a difficult time expressing or formulating conversations with other individuals.

Practice spending time to show an interest in what your child is saying and expressing, to improve a conversation that makes sense and is understood.

You may want to use pictures, word games,gestures, puppets, flannel boards, videos, books, go for walks in the park, the library, etc.

Keep communication open and current with your child. Do not be afraid to talk to your child as you would with another child who does not have autism.

During conversations with your child, be aware of what your child understands and has difficulty with. You can change and improve the conversation skills by being alerted to the needs of improvement to develop new conversation skills.

* Keep your conversations simple. Use appropriate language, speak clearly, slowly and have a desire for your child to respond.

* Praise, smile encourage your child for the efforts of improving skills for their conversations.

I have discovered that role-playing is a helpful part of improving conversation skills for your child.

Are you willing to take an interest in improving the conversation skills of your child? Start today.

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