Can You Trust Your Auto Repair Technician?

You can never be at peace if you take your car to an auto shop which you don't trust. Your auto mechanic should be someone who is honest and very professional in their dealings. But finding someone you can trust to repair your most valuable investment can be a daunting task. To help you determine if you got the right auto mechanic, we will go through a list of things that professional auto shops do. If you don't experience this kind of service in your local auto shop, it's time to start looking for a replacement.

Offers your old parts back

This may seem funny but it's always important to ask for your old parts so that you can confirm that they were indeed replaced. Some untrusted auto mechanics will insist on a replacement when the parts didn't need to be replaced in the first place. Asking for your parts back will help you to ensure you've gotten your money's worth.

Doesn't charge two labor costs

Some mechanics charge two labor costs if they fix several things in your car. This is absolutely wrong. A good auto shop will have a price for the total job done so you won't have to pay for any services twice. Get quotes from several auto shops in your area and then compare to see who offers the most reasonable rates.

Do your homework

It's always important to get a second opinion whenever you have a serious auto issue that requires costly repairs. You should start by consulting your dealer. In many cases, faulty parts can be covered by your warranty and repaired free of charge by your dealer. So before you rush to the auto shop and spend so much money on repairs, you better check with the dealer. Additionally, compare the cost of getting the same repair in other auto shops if you feel like the prices they just quoted were too high. But also remember that it's important for the repairs to be done by the best auto shop.

Get quality auto parts

Any auto parts that are being installed in your car should be genuine. Only a credible auto repair shop will offer genuine parts. You'll know by the price they charge customers and the kind of service they have to offer. Most auto mechanics will consult the client before replacing any vehicle parts just to let them know the kind of items they will be replacing.

Proper customer service

A reliable auto technician will always be ready to offer you the very best customer service. Whether you need some questions answered about the state of your car or you just want some clearance on the charges and labor costs, the auto technicians should always be glad to help. Talk to your auto shop beforehand to have any issues addressed. If you experience any form of poor customer service then it's time to move on to the next auto repair technician.

At Crawfordville Auto Care, we recommend factory maintenance once every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first during which we advise you on any minor or major engine repair work. We also carry out systematic fuel system cleaning to help you get the best of your mileage.

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