Caneel Bay - The Perfect Honeymoon

Choosing your honeymoon location is something that the bride and groom can do together. It can be a lot of fun to plan your honeymoon. Whereas planning your wedding can certainly be stressful and time consuming, just to name a few adjectives (feel free to insert your own), planning the honeymoon can be fun and exciting. Not all grooms like to help with the wedding planning, but planning the honeymoon is something the couple can do together. Planning your getaway can be a stress reliever, the break from wedding planning that you need. There are many different places a couple can choose to go on honeymoon, but one of my favorite locations is Caneel Bay. Caneel Bay is a luxury resort located at St. John Bay in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is the place to go if you are looking for some nice relaxation in the sun, a true beach resort for the happy honeymooners.

Caneel Bay can be the perfect honeymoon choice as it may be everything you are looking for. This resort offers so much such as beautiful rooms, seven different beaches, numerous activities to participate in and tons of amenities to make any honeymoon or vacation scream luxury.

When you arrive on the island you can be picked up at the airport and you will be given a welcome bottle of island rum to start off your vacation. As mentioned previously there are many things to see and do while you are on your honeymoon. Of course as this is a beach resort many of the activities are directly related to the beach and the water. Some of these activities include an underwater slideshow, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, swimming, scuba diving and fishing.

Of course you can also just spend countless hours at the beach, sunbathing in the beautiful weather where you can enjoy the view of white sand and tranquil water. You can enjoy a good book, good company or have a drink or something to eat with the one you love. Of course you can discover your inner child while you are on vacation away from the big city and build a sand castle or two.

Still think there is not enough to do or enjoy, looking for some down time that does not necessarily have to be in the water or on the beach? Caneel bay can help you out there too. Just like any other vacation or honeymoon spot you can enjoy nice dinners, drinks at the bar, art and tennis lessons and of course access to relaxing massages.

If all this is sounding wonderful and your wedding is not far along in the planning, you might even consider getting married at Caneel Bay. This resort is not only the perfect place for a honeymoon or vacation, but it would also be a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception site. Think about it. What girl has not thought about how wonderful it would be to get married on the beach, saying her vows with the sun and endless blue sky above her and her groom, not to mention all her family and friends? Getting married at Caneel Bay would be the best combination of nature, elegance and beauty that any bride can hope for.

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