Carbon Tubular Wheelset - Make the Right Pick

If you are planning to buy wheelsets for your bike, you will find that there are several types available. The type of wheelset you choose will depend on what your needs are - if it is for daily riding or competitive riding. The carbon tubular wheelset will offer you a wonderful riding experience, and there are several reasons why this is so.

Wheelset characteristics

The carbon tubular wheelset offers you stability and superior aero performance. The wheels are light, with a rounder tire profile and a wide rim. This ensures that when you ride through side winds, the air flows smoothly so you can easily maintain your speed without experiencing too much drag.

The brakes work very well as they are fitted with carbon pads. The hubs are made from an alloy body, and have standard bearings that are sealed. The carbon tubular wheelset is built by hand, using aero spokes that are triple butted, with 16 spokes located at the front and 24 spokes at the back.

The carbon tubular wheels' tire and wheel combination is the lightest in the market. The wheels are able to sustain high pressure, and this reduces the chances of rolling when you are riding. The carbon tubular rims are designed to ensure you do not encounter pitch flatting. You will find that the carbon tubular wheelset provides a superior riding experience than other types of wheels, and you can even ride on flat wheels for a short distance if necessary.


If you experience a flat when you are out riding, changing the flat tire is easy, particularly if you have done it before. It is therefore important to ensure you know how to change a tire if you love biking. The wheels are very practical as they can be sealed, and work very well with sealant systems.

Tips when buying wheels

When buying wheels, you should first consider where you are going to ride - whether on the road or on the dirt. You may then consider the ride quality you will get from the wheels. A heavier, stiffer wheel is suitable for downhill riding, while lighter wheels are more suited for cross-country riding. You should therefore pick wheels that are suited for the kind of riding you will be undertaking.

It is also a good idea to check how easy it will be for you to pedal the bike with your selected wheelset. If you have more weight on the outside of the wheels, that is, on the rims, tubes, and tires, then you will have to use more effort to turn your wheels.

The wheels you select should also be reliable; they should support your weight well. The wheels should also keep rolling in whatever terrain you are riding. The carbon tubular rims should be round enough to ensure your brakes work safely.

The wheels should be flexible enough so they can easily be upgraded if you need to change their functionality. The wheels should therefore be purpose built, enabling you to use them even as your needs change.

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