Carnivore or Omnivore

If you were a predator or natural meat eater, then you would be able to chase an animal down, overpower it and then kill it by biting, bleeding, suffocating and clawing it to death. After you kill it, then you would began to immediately eat it on the spot without cleaning it. You would eat the fur, scales, skin, flesh, diseased flesh, intestines with feces, liver, lungs, veins, arteries, eyes, sexual organs, fetus, anus, feet, tail, bones, brain, blood, their born and unborn babies, placenta, etc.

You would either chase away, kill or yield to other natural meat eaters that are more powerful than you, as it is very important to know the pecking order and your limitations. If you find a rotting carcass in the wild or on the road, you would began to eat it on the spot or drag it to a safe place to eat-also without cleaning. I doubt if you can find a human meat eater that does this and if by chance one such person is found, then what kind of health condition is he or she is in?

Most people use the argument that our ancient ancestors ate meat so we should eat meat as well. Just because something is a tradition does not make it sensible, right or correct. Some traditions can be both deadly and disasterous, such as bull fighting, snake worshiping, drug prohibition (where substance addiction or medical problems are treated as crimes), etc.

Most animals in factory farms are fed a highly unnatural diet. Some grazing animals are even fed other animals, forcing them to become carnivores. Most are raised in a totally unnatural environment and are given growth hormones to grow unnaturally big and fast. They are so unhealthy that they have to be given antibiotics all throughout their life span in order to keep them from dieing before this unhealthy and diseased ridden creature can reach the age of slaughter. Another sign that we are not natural meat eaters is when we are told that for safety purposes we need to cook any meat that we eat in order to kill any parasites and bacteria that could be living inside of it.

Natural meat eaters don't have to worry about worms, parasites and bacteria as they can eat these without worry as long as they clean themselves afterwards. Notice how a cat licks or clean itself after eating wild or domestic foods provided to it, especially raw meats. If humans have to worry about parasites and bacteria that could harm or even kill them -unless they kill the parasites, bacteria, etc. first by cooking them, (some worns and parasites are heat resistant even after cooking with high heat) then that should be another strong sign that we weren't meant to eat meat. The reason that animals can eat this type of diet is because their stomach acid is more than 10 times higher than ours and can easily handle things that could be deadly to us.

If the modern meat eater put some raw beef, fish, chicken, or pork in his or her mouth, his natural instincts would more than likely be to quickly spit it out and then spend the next fifteen minutes rinsing his mouth out with water or mouthwash to try to remove the taste, another sign that he, she, they, we are not natural meat eaters. Likewise, If the things that go on at slaughterhouses makes you lose your appetite then you still aren't a natural meat eater.

Natural meat eaters will salivate at the sight or smell of dead animals and not only would the sights and footage from slaughterhouses not make us sick to our stomachs, it would probably be similar to a human person watching a Burger King or McDonald's commercial. Don't even think of calling a slaughterhouse and asking them for permission to enter their facility with a digital or video camera. You will be told NO- end of story, because what goes on in those slaughterhouses must be kept from their customer's eyes since their main goal is to continue making fistfuls of money from US consumers. One of the most obvious signs that we are not natural meat eaters is the fact that almost everyone who currently eats meat would probably be a vegetarian if were the only ones having to do the killing, cleaning and cooking as this is very time and energy consuming, don't you think?

So every meat eater and food shopper in general is also paying for product convenience. For example, you buy a can or jar of ready to eat peanuts from the supermarket so that you do not have to pick the peanuts from the garden, clean and wash the dirt from the plant, pull the peanuts from the root stems, shell the peanuts, and roast them before you eat them. You buy roasted peanuts because you either don't want to roast them yourself or you don't have the time to do the roasting.

So there, do you still think you are a natural meat eater, carnivore or omnivore?

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