Catering On Your Big Day

Unless you're a professional wedding planner, a wedding is an extremely stressful, time consuming, and detail oriented event to plan. Weddings aren't cheap these days either which means there is even more stress to make the right decisions in all aspects of the wedding to make sure that all parties involved feel like they get their money's worth at the end of the day. Not to mention, you want the day to be as special as possible because it is hopefully a once in a lifetime occasion. That adds up to a lot of stress. One of the most stressful things to plan are wedding receptions because oddly enough, they are supposed to be the most fun of the big day.

Wedding receptions are the meal and the big party for celebrating the new union. With all the guests to seat, feed, and entertain, there are many details to keep in mind when planning wedding receptions. The catering will be one of the biggest expenditures of the wedding and you should plan for that accordingly.

In this day and age you can't simply order your catering all willy-nilly. There are many dietary requirements of your friends and family members that you are probably aware of. The most common would be gluten free and vegetarian options. These two are very common and many catering companies will offer you some kind of options for these concerns, though you should ask and/or notify the caterer about these before hiring them as some may not be able or willing to comply with these dietary requirements. Or if they do, the added cost of specialty meals may push the overall price above what you are able or willing to spend on your wedding reception's budget. Most caterers worth their weight, however, will be willing to work with you to ensure that you get the service that you expect and deserve.

There are plenty of catering options these days where, if you want a specific kind of cuisine at your reception, there should be a caterer that specializes in it. Those are the caterers that you should focus on first. They'll have the proper equipment for your preferred cuisine as well as the knowledge on proper preparation and cooking of it. Once you have narrowed down your options through some research, you may want a taste sampling to make your final decision. Most caterers won't have a problem doing this for you.

Before pulling the trigger, you'll also want to make sure that they are available on your chosen date or that they aren't double booked so your reception may be understaffed. Otherwise the most important thing to keep in mind while planning your catering for your reception is to ask questions. Ask everything that you can think of and get the answers that you feel comfortable with. If you don't like what you hear, there are a lot of options out there so don't feel like you're being cornered into a single choice.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that believes that the catering at his reception was perfect due to copious amounts of research.

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