Catering Your Party To A Specific Theme

When it comes to hosting a party and deciding on a theme, some parties just kind of take care of themselves. Anything around a specific holiday or an annual sporting event typically has a theme that any smart hostess or host would know better than to mess with. However, just because you are having a party for no reason other than to have a party does not mean it has to be without a theme. If you are having a hard time coming up with one, maybe meeting with a catering manager might help you decide.

People are more likely to respond to an invite if the party has a theme, so developing one is key to making a successful party. Since the centerpiece of most "parties for no reason" is the food and drink, starting there might be a great way to develop the theme. Not only will the food menu choices affect the drink selections you might feature, they can also help inform the choices for when it comes to decorations, colors and even the music being played.

A quality catering company is going to offer a specific style of food perhaps but they will have a variety of different themed choices. For instance, if the catering program you choose to work with is connected with a Latin Fusion restaurant, then you know that your choices will include fresh ingredients, traditional spices and authentic flavors. However, instead of simply offering one choice of menu, they will present a number of options. That way depending on the style of party you are planning - a formal sit down affair or a casual "help yourself" party - they have a menu that will match that mood perfectly.

These differently themed buffets are also helpful when trying to coordinate the wants of your party with the needs of your wallet. By offering choices that run the gamut financially, it gives them the best chance to find a way to work with you and give you the experience that you need. Remember that a catering company is much like a professional party thrower: they are responsible for people having a great time every week, so they are the perfect people to talk to when stuck on considering a theme.

Everybody gets excited when they are invited to a party someone is throwing "just because." To make sure that excitement continues to grow, establishing a theme for the party will go a long way. A theme establishes a connection, a way for the people invited to feel like they are already part of something special. If you want to throw a theme party but cannot figure out a good theme, maybe starting with the choices your catering company has to offer will get you going in the right direction.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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