Celebrate Thanksgiving In Las Vegas With A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here. If you want something to do after your holiday feast, then you should think about taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. A helicopter tour is the ideal way to see the Canyon, and if you depart from Vegas, you will have several options. However, these tours are very popular so they will fill up fast over the holiday, so you need to book your tour as soon as you can.

Helicopters from Vegas only fly to the West Rim, it is too far for them to fly to the South Rim. When you fly to the West Rim, your chopper will fly over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for a fantastic view of the famous landmarks. Also, you get to choose between a flyover tour and one that lands at the Canyon. A landing tour costs more than an air-only tour, but it is worth the money because you have added adventures as you'll see below.

Canyon Landing Tours

I highly recommend taking a landing tour, and one of my top picks is the landing tour that flies down to the bottom of the Canyon and includes time to explore the area, and it even comes with a Champagne picnic. This tour is very popular among visitors to the Canyon, and it often sells out as early as three days ahead of the tour date.

This tour can be upgraded with a fun boat ride on the Colorado River. This is a popular option to choose because it allows you to see the Canyon from a unique perspective. You can also add on a flight back to the top of the rim where you can try the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a massive glass platform that hangs out 70 feet past the edge of the rim. When you stand on the glass floor, you can look down 4000 feet to the Canyon floor below.

The Different Helicopters

Once you've selected the tour you want and picked out the upgrades, it's time to decide what type of chopper you want to fly on. You can book a standard or deluxe tour, and here are the differences. Standard tours fly on Bell Rangers and AStar choppers. These are safe and popular aircraft, but they are not state of the art. You'll still have a fantastic view on either of these choppers, but if you book a deluxe tour, your experience will be even better.

For one thing, EcoStar 130s are used on deluxe tours. These are made for commercial sightseeing, and the difference shows. The cabins are quieter, and they are about 20 percent larger, so you have more elbow room. But the best thing is the windscreen on the EcoStar wraps around the aircraft for an unobstructed panoramic view of the sights below you. Plus, the seats are arranged stadium style so there are no bad seats in the cabin.

Extra Perks

The standard tours lift off from Boulder City, which is a suburb of Vegas. If you're staying in a hotel near The Strip, the ride to Boulder City will take about a half and hour. However, when you book a deluxe tour, your chopper will lift off right from The Strip, and not only that, you'll be provided with transportation in a limousine rather than a crowded shuttle bus. You'll feel like a pampered VIP when you book a deluxe tour, and it will make your Vegas trip even more memorable. Also, since deluxe tours take off and land on The Strip, you'll get to fly over The Strip and see the massive resorts and attractions from the air.

Book Early For Best Pricing

Don't forget, these tours will sell out in advance. It's a good idea to buy your seats at least two weeks ahead of time. That way your seats will be confirmed and you'll also get the lowest rate possible. Just use your credit card to buy your tour online and you'll instantly reserve your seats and get confirmation. You could save as much as 35 percent off the price of your tour, and that might be enough to allow you to add extra upgrades.

Get Ready For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for a fun getaway. Take a helicopter tour to the Canyon, and you'll have an experience you'll never forget. Buy your seats early and buy them online. A landing tour is the way to go, but you have many choices, so you can pick the tour that lets you have the best experience possible at the Canyon.

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