Changing Colors - How To Recolor Leather Sofas

Colors can provide distinction to anything. Changing them can then invite instant attention and renewed interest to an item. This article guide will try to share how to change the color of a leather sofa, perhaps in an attempt to reinvent its individual appeal. Since experts say it is possible to change the color of leather from any color to another, the potential for physical reinvention can indeed be great.

The process of changing colors of leather requires a leather colorant kit. It is a pre-assembled kit available in the hardware or household shopping stores. There can be product-unique instructions for a particular colorant kit that's why it is important that one must read the product directions before you being changing the color of your leather sofa.

Pre-Color Leather Preparation

Before the actual application of the color changing product, the first step is to free the leather surface from any waxes, oils or silicones that may be present on it. These elements can cause problems on adhesion. The former finish must also be removed to avoid complications with your new intended finish. In other words, the sofa's leather surface must be as clean as possible before being applied with its new color. This preparation can remove apparent cracks and creases on the leather surface thereby greatly improving its appearance even before its color is changes.

Putting On The Colorant

Make sure the colorant bottle is well mixed by shaking for around 3 minutes. Start by pouring small amounts and then slowly rubbing into the leather surface. Best result is achieved by sponging thin coloring coats into those gaps, creases and hard to reach by design areas. It is advised to apply only light pressure in the recoloring process.

It would be a mistake to attempt to achieve a perfect finish with the first coat. Allow it to dry naturally or you can try to speed it up with a hair drier. After applying the initial base coat, put on two more coats of the colorant in the same manner.

Spraying Color

Best result is achieved by spraying the colorant on the leather. However, you have to wait approximately 30 minutes allowing the rubbed on colorant to thoroughly dry in the process. Only after then should you being applying the sprays.

Position yourself at a comfortable distance with the objective ensuring that you won't over apply color in the process. Prepare the spray gun or air brush. You can test spray on a piece of paper to gauge your pulse and comfortable position and achieve rhythm.

Look for the thin color layers. Those should be the target of your sprays. You should avoid those paint runs so you must find the perfect timing and volume that would allow the colorant to stick to the surface.


Since most colorants are manufactured water-based, it would take a while to dry them. It is then advised to spray one area and to immediately dry it using a hair drier. This will reduce the chances of having runs. However, if runs do occur, simply wipe it off with cloth or sponge and spray the area again.

There is no standard number of coats prescribed to achieve the right result. The best result is arrived at by finding the rhythm between your visual observation and your finishing spray. Dry each application and the reexamine your finish until you are satisfied with the result.

Once you have achieved your desired new color, you can complement it up with a glossy finish or a matt finish. It all depends on the kind of new appeal you want to achieved with your reinvented leather sofa.

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