Cheap And Easy Communication With VOIP Phones

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP involves a technology that makes digital data from analogue audio signals and sends them over the Internet. Simply put, VOIP technology means transmitting voice over the Internet instead of a regular telephone line. A far more affordable and efficient type of network for company phone numbers, a VOIP phone system is extremely beneficial in a business setup. These days, many companies are turning to VOIP phone solutions for the following reasons:

1. Using VOIP phones eliminates the need for line rentals, which are expensive. Companies using analogue phones have to pay for multiple lines, but with VOIP, all dial tone costs are already included in their chosen phone system. This is certainly ideal for companies that want to save on communication costs.

2. Your network increases its call intake capacity. This typically means that no matter the call volume, the network does not get overwhelmed, guaranteeing that you don't miss any calls. VOIP programs usually include unlimited lines, a provision that ensures all calls are accommodated.

3. You pay around 80% less on phone call rates. This is even more apparent in long distance calls on account of the low, flat rate available in VOIP phone systems. If your company regularly places calls to recipients in different area codes, VOIP can significantly reduce your long distance bill.

4. A VOIP phone system allows telecommuting and home-based setups. Since everything is done via the Internet, you can literally work from anywhere and still be connected to the company's office phone system through your laptop or tablet. You can also take office calls on your cell phone.

5. You get access to all the latest modern phone features normally covered by a VOIP plan, including fax to email, simultaneous ring, voice mail, call recording, and caller ID, many of which are generally not supported by conventional phone networks, or are considered extra services requiring additional charges.

If your company is still not using VOIP phones, you're literally paying unnecessary expense. Why put up with a pricey and less efficient telephone network? Many businesses have seen the light and are now enjoying enhanced communication and massive savings in their VOIP phone system.

We've long ago entered the digital age and VOIP technology is not a mere trend. Clinging to the conventional network hinders your business from optimising the communication provisions available in this era. If you want to be competitive and save costs at the same time, installing a VOIP phone system will help you achieve this.

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