Choose Your Latin Fusion Dining Adventure

You and your adventurous group of plucky heroes are traveling the Midwest countryside in search of fame and fortune. It is getting late and the road has been long. You collectively decide to stop in the next village. On the outskirts of town, a place called Appleton, Wisconsin, you have a choice. You can search for food in Appleton, look for the local tavern for sangrias and margaritas, or inquire about local events to obtain possible quests. If you search for food, go to paragraph 1. If you want to locate the tavern, go to paragraph 2. If you want to obtain quests, go to paragraph 3.

1: You easily locate a grand eatery by the sign on the outside of the building that mentions "Latin fusion dining" on it. Intrigued, you ask your party members if they have ever had such food. They say "No" and that they're willing to give it a try. You enter and are immediately greeted by a friendly member of the staff. They show your party to a table and are given a glass of water each and a menu. You pore over the menu as you see interesting options that are all familiar to you but also all have an interesting twist to them. You make your order and when your fusion cuisine arrives, you take bites of the most amazing food you've ever had. The rest of your party agrees as they clean their plates. Too full to move, you decide to put your adventure on hold until you can find a place to take a nap.

2: Your long travels have made you thirsty. You find the tavern easily enough by the sign depicting pitchers of sangrias and margaritas. When you enter, you are surprised by the clean and bright atmosphere. It is not like any other tavern that you've been to. Your order is easy considering that you already know what you want: red wine mixed with little bits of fruit and tequila flavored with lemon or lime served in fancy glasses with salt upon the rim. You and your party proceed to sip your drinks and converse about where your adventure will take you next. You collectively decide that your adventure can wait while you all get seconds and thirds and so forth. You decide that perhaps you shouldn't hit the road tonight.

3: You decide to forego food or drink and begin asking around in search of an epic quest. The rest of your party soon begins to get cranky and a bit whiney. You soon tire of their constant complaints of hunger and thirst. You capitulate to their demands. If you decide to feed your hungry crew, go to paragraph 1. If you decide to find drinks, go to paragraph 2.

The moral of the story is simply that sometimes an epic quest begins and ends with a meal of fantastic fusion cuisine, sangrias and margaritas, and some good company.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that enjoys Latin fusion dining and really thinks that choose your own adventure books were well ahead of their time.

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