Choosing A Reliable Company To Purchase New and Refurbished Medical Equipment From

Medical facilities that are looking to buy new or refurbished medical equipment are presented with a task that may seem quite overwhelming. In order to find quality equipment and supplies for your medical practice or hospital it is important to find a company that is reliable to work with. Find a company that will supply both new and refurbished equipment while offering superior maintenance and customer repair support centers to service your complete medical equipment needs.

Consider the following prior to selecting a company to work with when it is time for your facility to purchase new and refurbished medical equipment and supplies.

- Determine the price difference between purchasing new or refurbished medical equipment and supplies. Is the difference substantial enough to buy refurbished over brand new?

- Ask about special features on the equipment that you are looking to purchase. Are you about to pay for additional features that are needed?

- Determine the company's reputation within the industry. How long has the company been doing business with medical facilities? Do they have referrals that have purchased both new and refurbished medical equipment and supplies? What does the company offer to clients that make them reputable and stand out amongst their competitors?

- Find out if the company refurbished the equipment or if they send it out to a company to be refurbished. What process do they follow in order to to refurbish medical equipment?

At times it will be a more realistic to buy new medical equipment over refurbished. Sometimes the price difference will not be enough of a difference to merit purchasing refurbished equipment over new. Some products like step stools, bed pans and stainless steel supplies don't save enough in the long run for it to be necessary to consider buying refurbished. Purchasing these items new will guarantee the cosmetic and operational functions without affecting longevity.

Other times, when purchasing larger pieces of equipment such as operating tables, stretchers, patient monitors and such the savings may be quite significant in purchasing refurbished over new. The savings have been known to be upwards of fifty percent. When looking at the overall expense of larger medical equipment like linear accelerators and ct scanners the savings can be quite substantial.

Be aware of purchasing refurbished equipment that offers features that your facility does not need. You don't want to pay extra for features that your facility will not use. If your facility has a policy against treating patients with a body weight over five hundred pounds then a surgical table rated for a thousand pounds would be useless. A quality supplier will understand what you need and will not try to sell you a product that does not fit that need. Suppliers of medical equipment, new and refurbished, are in the business to build relationships not to rip clients off by selling them equipment with features that are unneeded.

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