Choosing The Best Boot Camp Miami

One of the best all-around exercise regimens these days got its start from the same activity our fathers and grandfathers - and possibly even our brothers and sisters - learned to hate: boot camp. Granted, a lot of that dislike probably came from the fact they were off in some desolate army base far from home with a half deranged sergeant yelling at them the whole time, but the experience was a tough process, physically and mentally. It had to be, because to be an effective soldier was to, in effect, follow a no days off philosophy: every day you had to be ready to handle any situation.

Maybe one day meant a lot of running, so you needed to be in top cardio shape. Maybe the next day you had to lug sandbags in order to build a shelter, so physical strength was important. Unlike other workout routines that just focused on aerobics or weight training, boot camp was designed to create all around healthy people. It is almost surprising that it took so long to catch on in civilian life.

Of course, changes had to be made. Unlike the army, where they have 24/7 access to their recruits, fitness centers and gyms in Miami needed to find a way to make the classes effective but approachable, able to fit into a person's busy schedule. The upside is that these gyms not only have far more materials to work with, materials designed primarily for exercise and not being repurposed, but they also had professionally trained trainers who could tweak the boot camp protocol in order to maximize the results. Jumping jacks, push-ups and five mile runs will only get you so far.

Today, there are boot camp classes all over Miami. There are so many that it can be hard to make a decision. Beginning any new healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming for a person. Add to that the stress of trying to decide which is the right program and most people fail before they even begin. Studies show that when people drop out of a fitness class, the number one reason they give is that they were not good enough for the class. Very few people ever think that maybe it was the class that was not good enough for them.

There is actually an easy way to find the best boot camp fitness class Miami, and that is to go where the pros go. Professional athletes recognize how beneficial a boot camp workout is; for many of them it is their off-season workout of choice. There are also some professional trainers who previously were high achieving college and professional athletes, so they know how crucial a great workout that maximizes time and effort can be. Look for where the professionals train and train others and you will have the best boot camp fitness class Miami has to offer....and you won't have to do it wearing combat boots.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer and fitness enthusiasts who specializes in emerging trends in health and lifestyle. He lived in South Florida for several years.

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