Choosing Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests have into what your wedding will be like. With that said choosing the right invitation is very important. If your wedding is a certain theme your invitation should reflect that. For instance if you are having an ultra romantic or fairy tale wedding your wedding invitation should also be very romantic. Another thing you should consider is that the invitation is not only there to invite your guests, but it will also be a keepsake to many of them so you want it to be very nice and to remind them of what your wedding will be like.

Now that you know to stick to theme at hand, or the wedding color scheme, the next thing you need to think about is prices and your budget. By the time you are ready to choose invitations you should pretty much understand your budget and how much money you have to devote to wedding stationery. The range of prices you could spend is pretty large. Therefore you need to know going in what you can spend now. When looking at prices make sure you note the differences between invitations sold alone (with no inserts) and ones that include matching inserts and extras such as driving directions, reception cards, meal choices selections and thank you cards. Your guests will need to know where they are going and when and you will need to thank everyone after the big day. Keep all this in mind when making your choices.

Next you need to think about the style of the wedding invitation. Again the style of the invitation should match the type of wedding you are having. This is especially important if your wedding is either formal or light, or a grand wedding versus a simple wedding. You wouldn?t want simple wedding invitations for a grand wedding event or overly formal invitations for a lighter wedding. Besides matching up those styles you may also want to match any theme or colors your wedding uses to your invitation.

The other question with regards to style you want to answer is whether your wedding will be traditional or modern. If your wedding fits into either type you may want your stationery to match. If you are going to have a traditional wedding you would want to use invitations which are light in color, usually whites and cream colored only. The invitations would use text but no graphics of pictures. On the other hand if you think you a planning a more modern wedding the invitation colors are pretty much endless. It is not unheard of these days to have wedding invitations which are green, red or even black. Modern wedding invitations may use graphics and pictures, even though it is not necessary.

Finally you need to choose a supplier. The common supplier would be a printer or stationery company local to the area you live in. Of course there is nothing wrong with this if your area has a good supplier available. If you have one in our area you can go in and see samples, find out the type of paper they use and see the finished products they have to display. If you choose not to use them or do not have any suitable suppliers in your area there is always mail order and internet stationery stores that you can use. Mail order and internet suppliers usually have a vivid catalog to choose from with pictures of each style available. Many will give you suggestions on word choices, when to send the invitations and other etiquette matters. Choose the correct supplier by finding the right invitation for you at a cost that you can live with.

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