Christmas Shopping in Florence

December is the Christmas shopping period around the world for traditional gifts. Florence is one of Italy's most popular Christmas shopping destinations. Those who visit this city during the Christmas season will be able to find the right gift for every taste, Florence has available a wide choice that divides the gifts from the most classic and commercial to the most crafty and characteristic.

The only problem you may encounter during Christmas shopping in Florence is being spoiled for choice, and the risk of getting lost among the many shops and Christmas markets that follow each other in the streets and squares of the historic center of Florence.

In parallel with the accommodation ready to welcome tourists visiting Florence during the Christmas holidays, the city offers a large number of commercial activities that gives the opportunity for tourists visiting Florence to buy products made in Italy.

For those unfamiliar with the city it is not easy to identify immediately the right area to do your Christmas shopping. There is a multitude of tourists who flock the city during many florence tours that organized in this period especially in the downtown area; Florence tries to make a map for shops, subdividing them by budget by category in the commercial areas of Florence.

One of the most typical places for shopping, not only at Christmas but also at other times of the year, is the market of San Lorenzo, located a stone's throw away from the central station of Santa Maria Novella. In this district, there are a large number of stalls where are they sell all kinds of items, from clothing to souvenirs at a very affordable price range. As well as being characterized by the stalls, the area of San Lorenzo is known and appreciated for offering clothing and leather accessories sold at great prices by many shops in this neighborhood.

If for Christmas shopping in Florence you prefer the classics shops without spending high figures then there is the area via calzaiuoli, which starts from the Cathedral square and goes to Piazza della Signoria. This area is next to major upmarket shops with high price brands; however, here there are several low cost retail chains that sell a variety of products of various kinds for all tastes.

If for your Christmas gifts, you want to indulge yourself on Florence handicrafts. Florence is undoubtedly one of the more traditional cities in the production of handicrafts. In this case, the area most suitable for your purchases is the characteristic Oltrarno district, full of the artisan workshops where you can find products made in Italy, many handmade in a typical Florentine and Tuscan style.

In Oltrarno, you can buy handicrafts of various kinds from small pieces of furniture, clothing to jewelry, not to mention the many sought Tuscan wines and gastronomic products of the area. For this kind of shopping, the price increases compared to industrial products, despite the higher price, people who buy these products will enjoy a high quality of products, which more than offsets the price difference.

If you have a rich budget for Christmas shopping in Florence, you can go in the area of Via Tornabuoni near Republic Square, here there is a real district of luxury, where there are the biggest names in Italian and foreign fashion and jewelry. Walking at Christmas in the streets and squares of this district of luxury, you can find the most exclusive and expensive gifts offered by the market, an area that has nothing but envy to the neighborhoods of the luxury and the most important cities in the world.

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