Clear Braces - Interesting Facts To Note

Straightening your teeth is now more convenient than ever given the many options that are available for you to choose from. Braces are effective in straightening teeth and there are different types of braces that are accessible. There are invisible braces, clear braces and those which are very visible like the metal braces. Your orthodontist will guide you on the braces that can work best for you depending on your preference and your budget.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces work in the same way as metal braces, whereby brackets which are made from porcelain, ceramic or plastic are attached to the teeth. A silver or white archwire is used to connect the brackets and the wire is tightened from time to time. This tightening exerts gentle continuous pressure on the teeth and jaws so that they can gradually shift to the correct position.

The braces come in varying rates of transparency; some are completely clear, some are white while others are in the color of the teeth. Ceramic braces are strong and durable and they are quite easy to remove once the treatment period is over. Clear braces are not very noticeable like the metal braces and will, therefore, enable you to through treatment without feeling self-conscious.

Damon Clear Braces

The Damon clear braces use brackets that do not have ties and also use high technology archwires. This combination of brackets and archwires moves teeth faster and gives better results. You will also have a more comfortable treatment period since the braces exert less pressure on your teeth. The Damon braces employ a slide system that is passive to keep the arch wires attached to the brackets. This allows free movement of the teeth from reduced friction resulting in your teeth moving faster.

Your dental appointments will reduce since the wires do not need to be tightened. The orthodontist will take into account your facial features when offering Damon treatment so that your teeth and facial symmetry will be worked on at the same time.

In-Ovation C Braces

The In-Ovation C braces are a system of ceramic braces which do not use ties and allows effective movement of the teeth. The braces offer superior aesthetics since they do not make use of rubber bands which easily stain. This means you will experience less irritation and accumulation of plaque is reduced making it easy to clean your teeth and thus maintain your oral health during treatment.

The braces use a free sliding technology so that the pressure that is placed on your teeth is very little allowing you to comfortably go through treatment. The technology also incorporates your facial features so that your facial symmetry is aligned with your teeth and bite are aligned. When you use the In-Ovation C braces, your treatment time will be reduced and you will have less and shorter appointments. This is because your orthodontist only needs to make limited adjustments on the braces.

Oral Health

It is important to ensure that you keep your mouth clean during treatment since food particles can get stuck between the braces and decay of your teeth can take place. You should brush your teeth twice daily and also floss them daily.

Gullotta Orthodontics provides a variety of treatment options for straightening teeth including clear braces and metal braces. You can find out more about teeth straightening using clear braces from

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