Cloud Services: Your Ticket To Peace of Mind

People everywhere are talking about "the cloud." But, just what is a cloud and how is it used? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Actually it's one of the best things out there for data storage and retrieval, and to prevent loss of files.

The cloud is a way to send and store information over the internet. It is a service-oriented program simply called "Cloud Services." Whether you are a small business with a single site or a multi-site corporation, the cloud provides remote services for both businesses and their employees. The business and the employees can work anywhere in the world. Time is not a problem nor is location. Your business can hire employees from anywhere. A company can do business with other companies from anywhere. The cloud offers safety, mobility, and convenience wherever you are.

The advantages of the cloud are numerous. Productivity increases, performance abounds, and profits skyrocket. Your company can grow unhindered by power outages and loss of data. Your comfort zone increases as you realize your systems are secure. Have you ever experienced a system crash? Most of us have to some degree. With cloud services, this is a thing of the past. Your data is safe and accessible. The cloud also offers your employees the opportunity to become more innovative with more flexibility. You will always have the most up-to-date software and necessary features needed for your business. You can manage your budget planning and reduce expenses. Imagine having Desktop, Infrastructure, Software, Unified Communications and Video Conferencing all easily accessible Yes, this is the future, and the future has arrived.

The cloud has a huge advantage over older storage systems. The cloud can save your business. Let's face it, disasters happen, things get lost, and you never know when you'll need to access your data when you're on the go. Whether you spill a cup of coffee onto your computer, your office is vandalized, or your device is lost or stolen and you need it back immediately, the cloud keeps all of your data safe and secure. No need to lose a day's work or a boat load of client files. They are always readily available.

The cloud can be a web-based external hard drive without the hardware. It can be a data backup system during a disaster. It offers file sharing options to assist joint efforts in creating a finished product or in processing and forwarding large data files to your clients and business associates. It's a productivity tool that can be used anytime and anywhere when you need to access your files from any device. The cloud along with the security you will obtain will help you avoid the headaches that other data storage can cause. It will also help you become more efficient in handling and accessing your files wherever they are.

Check into cloud services today and be on the road to a stream-lined internet office and enjoy peace of mind. You've earned it!

Cloud 3C provides clients with a consultative way to best use "Cloud Services" and "On Premise" (CPE) technology to save money on Telephone, Data and Video Communications; either hosted or CPE with Voice over the Internet (VoIP), Traditional PBX and/or Converged solutions. Call today 407.732.5730 to request a consultation.

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