Coimbatore - Manchester of South Indian Textiles

With delightful designs and varieties, Coimbatore sarees are wowing the world. India has been considered as precursor in the art of textile printing. Especially, Indian weavers are the pioneers in weaving sarees. One such conspicuous Indian textile is Coimbatore.

Spreading out its essence from the enriched land of South India, Coimbatore varieties are styled to match today's fashion. One can observe tremendous influence of western and Indian cultures in Coimbatore textiles. Heavy sign of ancient weaving styles and conventional curves are even appeared today. Recognized as a soft, airy, fine and durable weave, the Coimbatore saree has popped the eyes of Saree lovers internationally. These ethnic silks have imprinted a unique style statement with their sleek looks and long lasting smoothness's. Known for cotton and dye fabric, Coimbatore is also renowned as Kovai, which is a popular city of Tamil Nadu that indulges in heavy textile activity. One can see a tremendous mix of textile activities such as spinning, weaving and knitting along with passion and skills in Coimbatore. In the late 1800s, Coimbatore started cleaning and pressing units of cotton. During British Empire, Coimbatore textile reached to the peak stages and saw a tremendous growth in textile weavings. Coimbatore saris imprinted their essence into the ethnic world in the year 1933. It is the successful 81st anniversary of Coimbatore sarees.

The innovation for Coimbatore sarees lies in the way the cotton dyeing has progressed from cotton pressing and dyeing units to real time textile machinery. It also lies in the fact that the fabric has been utilized to make knitwear and woven apparels apart from sarees, such as salwar kameez, kurtis, lehengas, dupattas etc, and also the designs being imprinted on these apparels are different and unique. Apart from apparels, the textile industries have also begun imprinting different varieties of home furnishing and other household materials using these fabrics as well. One can see the passion and skills of the weavers through textile fabrication as well as the influence of western and Indian cultures on this textile industry over the years. Especially, traditional wear has a certain Indian essence which keeps you captivated. Of course, the western and other apparels are also the ones that are in trend. Coimbatore sarees are very elegant, fascinating, pleasant and charming apparels with rich borders and traditional zari works. Motifs like temples, geometric patterns and different designs are decorated on the body of the Coimbatore saree. Especially, they create a magic with their pallu and borders. These are heavily designed with adornments like kundans, metals, pearls, stones, chamkies, beads, diamonds and etc.

According to the changes in fashion era, weavers introduced different methods into the sarees such as tie dye methods, thread works, printing works etc. Coimbatore sarees are perfect wearable for festivals, parties, functions, weddings and other grand occasions, plain versions of Coimbatore sarees are both classical and capsular wears. Designer Coimbatore sarees with heavy embroidery works are apt for weddings and bridal ceremonies, these are appealing sights. By presenting it uniquely from the rest, Coimbatore created the new trends in fashion dunia.

Akeera About the Author :a freelancer long associated with ethnic fabrics, known for her special leaning towards ethnic sarees. She enjoys the privilege of being a part-time consultant to Unnati Silks. She may be contacted on 040-64555251 or 97000 57744 between 9 A.M.and 3 P.M. E-mail her at

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