Common Symptoms For People With Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections can produce a host of symptoms, and the experience is different from person to person.

Sometimes, a person may be urinating well, but is still experiencing a few symptoms associated with the disorder - such a person must still consult with a physician just to be on the safe side.

Getting treatment early is essential, because the end-point of a urinary tract infection is a kidney infection and quite possibly, kidney failure. Here is a list of common symptoms that frequently point to the presence of an infection along the urinary tract:

1. Dizziness or nausea

2. The sudden urge to vomit for no reason

3. A dull, continuous pain in your lower back, just below the lower ribs. Pain in this region can sometimes mean that your kidneys are inflamed or infected. This is where our kidneys are situated as well.

4. A person with UTI produces slightly different urine. There may be too much cloudiness in the urine output (possibly due to an increase in WBC or while blood cells) or the urine may have a different coloration, such as pink or red.

Reddish urine may be a tell-tale sign of an increase in RBC or red blood cells. A routine urinalysis will reveal the actual WBC and RBC count in a urine sample.

Also, be wary of urine that smells bad, or smells different from your usual urine as this may also mean that infection has set in. Note, however, that not everyone will have cloudy, reddish or smelly urine when they have UTI.

There will be plenty of times when a UTI sufferer is producing a large quantity of seemingly clear urine without any problems expelling the liquid whatsoever. A microscopic examination will still be able to reveal the actual condition of the person.

5. Children and teens can experience a sudden onset of fever and chills when they have urinary tract infection. These type of symptoms becomes less common as a person ages, but all the same, be aware that a person who is having a fever for no reason may be suffering from UTI.

6. Another region of the body where pain manifests during the onset of UTI is the lower belly area. This is where the urinary bladder is. Even a slight inflammation of the urinary bladder can cause pain.

7. Frequent urination is the hallmark symptom of UTI. People with urinary tract infections will feel the urge to visit the bathroom often because they feel the need to expel urine - only to find out that they can only expel a few drops at a time.

This can go on for hours, and can greatly disrupt a person's sleep pattern at night. If this is happening to you right now, visit a GP tomorrow!

8. Urinating can become an ordeal for people with UTI. In addition to frequent urination and expelling almost nothing when a person does try to urinate, a burning pain can also be felt during urination.

The burning pain may be felt at the terminal end of the urethra (in a male patient's case, or the pain may be felt throughout the urethra. The pain is often described as "burning" and "sharp", as it can cause a person to stop urinating at times.

9. A person with full-blown UTI can also experience a noticeable level of fatigue that lasts for hours. Fatigue often sets in after a person develops fever and chills.

Note that these three symptoms can also occur when a person has influenza or a particularly severe bout of the common cold, so it is extremely important to note the other symptoms present.

More often than not, symptoms related to urinating will be present if a person does have UTI. Never self-medicate and take antibiotics for UTI just because a person looks fatigued and has fever!

The improper use of antibiotics is not only dangerous, but it also furthers the current problem of antibiotic resistance in human bodies, giving rise to so-called "super bugs" that are no longer as responsive to current families of antibiotics available in the market.

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