Competing In The 21st Century

Every year, thousands of companies face the tough decision of whether to keep fighting to stay alive or succumb to the pressures of the business world. Unfortunately, many of them, dealing with crippling debt, meager resources and aging infrastructure, do not have much of a choice, but many others have a far more difficult decision to make. They realize that to stay competitive they have to make changes with how they work and how they market. The old adage, "Adapt or die," is very true.

In many of these situations, businesses decide to throw in the towel because they do not understand the new paradigms around them and do not believe they have the tools to compete. Just because the second part of that may be true - and it typically is - does not mean the tools are not out there for them to use. Today's search engine optimization companies are continuing to grow and expand right along with the technology of computers and the internet and are more capable than ever to help an aging business reinvent themselves for the 21st century.

While search engine optimization results are still a main concern, they represent only part of the solution. The next major area of concern for any business, and an area that is growing fast, is the world of social media management. As the purchasing class shifts from the Baby Boomer generation through Generation X and into the hands of the Millennials, the way they shop, do their research and make their decisions is changing faster and more drastically than ever before. They have grown up in a connected world, and are more likely to look for answers not through traditional internet search engines but through their preferred social media platforms. Instead of relying on advertisements and paid placements, they look to see what choices other people similar to them are making.

The important aspect to understand about this demographic is they identify their peers not by location but by shared interests and histories. This means a directed and successful marketing program does not focus on saturating a particular geographic area with advertisements, but instead, finds ways to reach that group, wherever they are. This is accomplished by managing a company's social media presence, down to finding the specific social media platforms most often used by the company's target audience.

Change in general is a hard thing to accomplish, and when what they change is accompanied by modern technology that is outside the comfort zone of business owners, it may seem overwhelming. Instead of letting these new opportunities pass them by, the smart owners recognize the need to call in specialists. Just as they relied on professionals to help them build their business original decades and generations ago, they know that hiring a focused and expanded search engine optimization company will allow them to stay relevant in the new business paradigm while still being focused on creating the products and services that made them successful in the first place.

Freelance writer Jack Terry remembers when writing on the wall of a social medium platform usually resulted in disciplinary action, because graffiti was frowned upon.

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