CompTIA Certification Will Enhance Your IT Career

Information Technology (IT) is an interesting field. Jobs are available for people with experience, even if they don't have formal training. However, for the best pay and the most chances for promotion you need proof of your skills. CompTIA certification is a good start for any IT career. They provide training and testing for almost 20 separate IT specializations. Many of the exams are entry level but there are several intermediate and advanced certifications available.

Security Certifications

Security is a big deal today. The number of data breaches has exploded. Securing systems takes more than complying with minimum legal requirements and industry guidelines. Companies are hunting for security professionals who understand the evolving threats to modern companies. CompTIA offers several certifications to prepare the security professional for positions in the public and private sectors. Here are three:

Security+ - Passing this exam demonstrates solid understanding of the basics of security in a networking environment. Earning it demonstrates knowledge of such diverse areas as identity management, Bring Your Own Device, and SCADA. It meets U.S. Department of Defense requirements for their Information Assurance program. It must be renewed every three years..

Mobile App Security+ - This cert demonstrates that the holder knows how to create apps that are secure and communicate securely over networks. There are two different certifications - one for Android and one for iOS. Passing either test is enough to be certified.

Advanced Security Practitioner - This advanced certification demonstrates knowledge and skills needed to create secure solutions for enterprises. The holder can devise solutions to meet enterprise needs in a way that manages risks with as little impact on the enterprise as possible. It meets U.S. Department of Defense requirements for their Information Assurance program. It must be renewed every three years..


You can have networking without cloud, but you can't have cloud without networking. So understanding networking is necessary to really understand how cloud technologies work. Here are two certifications offered by CompTIA:

Network+ - The Network+ holder has demonstrated an understanding of physical networks, networking protocols and how to secure the network from intrusion. Complies with U.S. Department of Defense Directive 8570.01-M. This cert must be renewed every three years.

Cloud+ - Passing the Cloud+ exam shows that the holder understands cloud technology, data storage, networking, virtualization and other technologies relevant to providing cloud services. Both government and private enterprises are embracing cloud technology around the world and professionals who understand it are in demand. It must be renewed every three years.


Healthcare has special IT requirements, with strict government control on how patient information can be handled and who can access it. So CompTIA offers a special certification for the healthcare IT professional:

Healthcare IT Technician - This exam tests the candidate's understanding of practice workflow, U.S. regulations (i.e. HIPAA), security, medical business operations and more. It is specific to U.S. healthcare.

There are many ways to begin your IT Career. One of the best is to earn certifications in the areas you intend to work. CompTIA is a good place to start because it is recognized worldwide in both the public and private sectors.

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