Computer Certification Courses To Land A Job In Computer Technology

Prospective students who are taking computer certification courses to find a job in computer information technology can expect to attain skills that will assist them in their area of specialization. Basic certification would give students the abilities to secure networks, manage databases, support operating systems and fix hardware and software issues. Many technicians advance to learn about creating programs and websites, too.

Entry level technicians can expect to earn around $50,000 a year. Entry level jobs include help desk support, support specialist, web developer, programmer and network administrator. This rate is expected to grow by 15-to-17 % by 2022. Network administrators can expect to earn $78,000, and programmers can expect to earn the most at almost $81,000 annually.

Students can earn their certification by taking a test after they have completed their courses of study. The basic technician training is outlined below; however, students can continue their studies to prepare for certificates that would allow them to work with Cisco, SQL servers and UNIX.

Certification courses vary from school to school; however, a basic Certificate in Computer Technology would require two levels of study: Computer Technician I and Computer Technician II.

Computer Technician I would give students the basic theory behind PC support and allow students to analyze basic problems. Prerequisites for this type of course would include access to a PC and basic PC skills, including creating a Word document, basic email setup and basic internet capabilities. Students are also expected to have a basic desire to deal with PC related problems and the internal capabilities of a PC.

Students who take this course are generally planning on becoming a PC technician and working at a private company's or public organization's help desk. Many others go on to start computer maintenance businesses. Some students have already found jobs at help desks but want to brush up on basic concepts. At the end of the class, students will need to take A+, Microsoft, Cisco and Network certification exams to attain a job in this field.

Classes include PC System Overview, Internal Devices, External Devices and Looking Ahead. PC System Overview would cover the basics of a PC's hardware, software and operating system. Internal Devices would cover microprocessors, memory systems, motherboard issues, data storage and power supplies. External Devices would include topics like O ports, printers and output devices. Looking Ahead could cover topics like networking, further information on operating systems and troubleshooting.

Computer Technician II training would provide another layer of concepts, added to the fundamental training. Students entering into this phase would need to have passed all certifications associated with Computer Training I and show a high level of knowledge of PCs, including external and internal components. Many students go on to work at higher levels in help desk positions in companies and organizations and go on to start their own PC maintenance companies. This program is also perfect for students who want to be trained at higher levels and are interested in a higher degree.

Classes could include topics like the Total PC System, which would show students how to keep the system running smoothly. Other topics include hardware variants and portable systems. Students will learn to disassemble their PCs and deal with troubleshooting and malfunctions, including viruses. Preventative maintenance and customer support will also be addressed in this class.

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