Conditioning Leather Sofas

What do you do when the once spiritedly finished leather sofa that was the silent centerpiece of your living room now appears shabby, dry and lifeless? She stays a prominent figure in your receiving area only because she is still otherwise in perfect good condition except that the site of the is becoming more painful each day. You would like to restore her to her former glory but how?

This is type of dilemma is not uncommon among home owners who have come to regard their furniture and age old antiques with sentimental value. Besides, if the furniture is still structurally healthy, it would be very difficult to throw it out or even to resell it. Restoration would be your natural first option.

Fortunately, reconditioning leather sofas can be done in a number of ways. For instance, if the furniture's problem is only the dull and dry look of its leather but it remains without cracks, you should be able to bring back its former glossiness by applying a quality leather conditioner which can be obtained in any home shopping store. Take note however that this is only good for leather surfaces still without cracks, including cracks due to aging.

When using leather conditioners, you may need at least two regular size bottles. However the volume can vary depending on the actual physical condition of the leather and the actual area that must be covered by the conditioning gel. Some conditioning gels easily get consumed upon use than others. Applying it can be just as easy as putting it on a clean soft white lint type cloth which may be obtained from old shirts and then gently but judiciously rubbing it on the leather surface. Make sure you adequately cover all the areas you intend to restore glow to.

Once you have achieved the quality of glow you desire for your leather sofa with the leather conditioner, your next goal would be to maintain that gloss. Compared to sofas fresh from factory, this could be a bit of a challenge with older leather materials. Products like leather cleaners and leather protectors are especially made for this purpose. Protectors are made to prevent some particular elements from clinging on the leather surface while cleaners take away such elements when they manage to cling and accumulate. Both products should be able to maintain if not add luster to your leather sofa when used regularly.

Household cleaners are however cautioned on using moisture barrier products. There are those that use this on leather sofas especially when the furniture is placed outdoors or in an open area. As much as it may be necessary due to the location, these products tend to fill in the pores with greasy formations. This could make cleaning, conditioning, and polishing difficult. It is then advised to use moisture barriers only periodically. Allow it to penetrate the leather and dry before cleaning or putting it on display.

Speaking of outdoor leather sofas, it is advised by leather sofa experts that the best way to maintain wet leather furniture is to treat it before it dries out. This means that whatever dirt, mud or any other potentially staining element should be removed by a cleaning agent and applied with leather conditioner while the pores are still fully responsive to the wetness. One very critical thing to remember in maintaining leathers is that it should be dried not from heat but instead as free from it as possible. Heat drying leathers will have adverse effect to its material integrity which could hasten the formation of cracks in the process.

Leather sofas are popular because it can sport elegance without having to compromise quality of construction. Moreover, it can stay in its design quality finish for a long period of time, notably longer than most other materials used to make furniture. Keeping it in condition is then an important compliment to the quality it extends.

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