Couch Grass For Lawns

Most people in Australia have couch grass in their lawns. This type of grass is popular and has been there for a long period of time. Couch grass is ideal for homes and recreation areas in Australia due to their great appearance. This type of grass has fine leaves, may be bright to dark green in colour and very tolerant to suns conditions. Having it in your home makes your lawn attractive and adds value to your home.

Characteristics Of Couch Grass

The grass features different characteristics that make it unique as compared to other types of grass. It is excellent to wear and tear meaning it is strong and when damaged it has repair capabilities. Most of the areas in Australia are arid and this makes it very perfect for this type of grass since it is drought resistant. It can be established almost everywhere and grow.

Another important characteristic of this type of grass is that it does incredibly well under full sun conditions. Regardless of the hot sun, the grass will still thrive and grow healthy. It is important to avoid shade when planting this type of grass since it does not like shade.

Maintenance Of Couch Grass

You do not just plant the grass in your lawn and leave it to grow. If you want the lawn to look great and have an appealing appearance, it is very important to do regular maintenance to ensure that the grass is in good condition and well worked on. There are possibilities that couch grass can become straggly with presence of bare patches that makes it look poor. This can happen if your lawn is receiving less water and nutrients or the presence of heavy shade that the lawn cannot tolerate.

You need to know that this type of grass is invasive and requires garden edging in order to prevent it from growing outside the garden bed. You need to conduct regular garden maintenance and this is achieved by doing away with any runners that seem to creep in the garden. If this is done on a regular basis, you will be amazed with how the grass will grow and give your lawn the best look. You also get the opportunity to find excessively grown couch that requires to be removed.

Depending on the height that you prefer couch to grow in your lawn, average lawn mowing is necessary from time to time for a healthier lawn. If you find any thatch that has build up, de-thatching is important. You can either use a cylinder mower or a rotary mower to achieve a flat finish.

Your lawn is an important component of your home, it is a great place where you can relax or engage in recreation activities with friends and family. Having the right type of grass planted gives it a good appearance hence adding value to your home. Couch grass if well maintained can be perfect for lawn since it performs well in many Australian homes. It is able to withstand heavy sunlight and does not require shade. You can give it a try and you will be thrilled with how beautiful your lawn will be.

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