Creating A Great Catered Experience

Back when you were in college, hosting a party meant having both regular and rippled potato chips, and that was enough to be successful. Now that you are throwing a great party, it takes a little more effort than that, but at the same time, you need to manage your time, your budget and your stress. The solution that more casual fine dining restaurants are offering these days are full service catering programs where their menu items are available to enjoy at home.

One of the signs of a great catering program is their ability to meet all demands. Sometimes you might want a formal sit down dinner for 20 people, the next time is a casual cocktail and appetizer gathering for 50, and the time after that is a quick lunch for a dozen of your co-workers. If the restaurant is not equipped to handle of these different situations, people will begin to look elsewhere. The best way to lose a customer for life is to tell them no once. If they could not get what they needed the first time, they will be less likely to think about reaching out to them a second time.

Some restaurants that see the potential upside from having a successful catering program make the proper initial estimate at the beginning and include plateware, silverware and serving dishes and utensils along with the food. This is a great benefit for the host because it saves them the time and money of having to arrange the rental of these necessities. From the restaurant's standpoint, it helps ensure the continuity of their theme and menu selections by utilizing the proper size and style plates for each item.

A few caterers even take this to the next step by supplying decorations as well. By recreating the feel of the dining room at the restaurant, they are helping to expand their branding, a key component when it comes to introducing themselves to customers. Without that look, it might be hard to tell which Appleton, Wisconsin restaurants were responsible for the catering, but with the look and feel to match the food, it will create a stronger connection in the customer's mind.

Hosting at home has never been more of a popular trend than it is these days. As the popularity continues to grow, people are looking for ways to keep it fresh and exciting without breaking their budget or tearing out their hair. By hiring a local catering company to handle the food and beverage duties, it frees up the hosts and hostesses to be able to enjoy their own party and it helps to create a more memorable evening for everybody involved. No matter the size of the party or event, a professionally run catering program can meet and exceed all of their customer's needs.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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