Creating A Petition

How do I start a petition? Easy! But first you need to understand what a petition is. A petition is a right exercised by a person that seeks to solve a right or wrong done to a citizen or a group of citizens. Petitions can also apply to animals and to the environment. Just follow the steps bellow and you will convince yourself that making the petition is the easy part.

1. The most important step of creating a petition is to have full knowledge of the subject and the target of the petition.

2. Find the proper website to host you petition. Choosing the website is easy but be careful because there are so many petition sites and you can easily be tricked into choosing one that doesn t have to many followers. Search the internet for the best petition sites and make sure that the one you choose to start a petition has enough visitors to guarantee you some signatures.

3. Your petition needs a title. The title of the petition needs to be somehow encouraging for others to sign. Urge them to take part in the cause you pursue. Make them feel what you feel and ask them to help you fulfill your goal.

4. What is the destination of the petition? Who is it destined to? If it s a political petition its final destination could be the president of a country, the congress, the senate, a governor or a senator. If it s something that a mayor could solve then you can address the petition to the mayor. There are many fields in which a petition can be made. If you re an environmentalist then thats your main field and that is where your petition should be made or maybe you are a person who fights against racism or human rights. That is for you to decide.

5. The text of the petition has to explain to the reader what the reason for the requested change is. It has to be long enough to make everyone understand the main objective and the importance of the petition.

6. Adding a picture to the petition to serve as a banner will also help you to reach the signatures that you desire. You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words right? So find a photo that best describes the petition and use it as a flyer.

7. Now that you created the petition the job isn not over. What is next? Well from now on you have to spread the petition on the internet so people that share the same opinion with you about the cause you are trying to change can find it and sign it. You can upload your petition on social networks for all your friends to see and sign. You can also ask them to share it so more people would see and sign it. If you are part of groups on Facebook you can also share it there. Have a friend that could be interested in the petition? Why not send him an email and ask him to help you gather more signatures. The more people view your petition the bigger the chances of success.

Now that you know everything you need to do in order to create a petition go on out there and make a change! And remember! Creating the petition is the easy part!

Creating a petition online for free, Tips and hints about promoting a petition.

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