Creating A Theme Through Catering

As more people look to hosting house parties as a way to entertain and spend time with friends, they are increasingly looking for ways to make their parties stand out, especially during a crowded season like the fall tends to be. The easiest way to do this is to come up with a specific theme for the party. Some people take this to the extreme and require guests to arrive in costume while most just settle for having a sense of coherence between the food, drink and decoration. One of the easiest ways to decide what that theme is going to be is to start by choosing the caterer.

Granted, this does not always solve the problem, because many catering companies try to be all things to all people. They offer an extensive menu selection featuring a wide variety of different foods, leaving someone who is undecided even more confused than when they began planning the party. What is worse is that typically any caterer who offers such an extensive menu does not have an area of expertise, resulting in food that is okay but certainly does not have the "wow" factor that the host was most likely looking for in the first place.

Instead, it is best to start by meeting with caterers who feature a specific style. Many Appleton, Wisconsin restaurants offer catering programs as well, and this is great way to start narrowing down choices right away. Obviously, it is most logical for a restaurant to make sure their catering program matches up what they are known for. It allows them to build on an established customer base, using the same menu items means reducing costs by not having the hold a large inventory and it helps to serve as a way of introduction through a catered event to potential new customers who had not visited the restaurant before.

Once a person has decided on a few different caterers that they want to make their final selection from, this will help to give them an insight on what type of theme they might want to have. Simply by creating even one small parameter - thinking that the food might be Latin fusion, Asian or Italian - a person will usually find themselves suddenly getting other ideas, including the type of drink they want to serve and how they would like to decorate the space. Coming up with these ideas will help them make the final decision on which caterer to go with.

Hosting a home party can be a fun and exciting experience, and creating a theme to go with it only serves to help make it more enjoyable. If you are having problems thinking of what type of theme you would like it to be, step back and think about what food you might like instead. This might just be the trick you need to make a decision.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been writing about the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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