Cupolas: Functional, plus Create Curb Appeal

Cupolas are ornamental and impressive; their elegant design creates curb appeal. Adding the right accent transforms buildings and enhances value for years to come.

These dramatic architectural accents have enchanted us throughout the centuries. Originally built dome shape, they now come in different geometrical shapes, according to the design of the roof which it will be placed upon.

Cupolas add stateliness and a focal point to the buildings upon which they are placed. Built to provide a view, to ventilate, or provide light, while others are strictly ornamental. Although all cupolas are ornamental, some are very functional by circulating air to naturally ventilate the structure they sit upon. These architectural accents also provide an inexpensive light source and a scenic view.

Functional cupolas are designed to naturally ventilate the structure they sit upon. Our forefathers understood the importance of ventilation and that heat rises, so by placing cupolas on the roof, the hot stagnant air is released through the louvered sides. This flow of air eliminated wood rot, mildew and musty odors. By doing this the structures had a longer lifespan. Did you know the heat on the roof is 30-35 degrees warmer than on the ground?

In the 19th Century, cupolas on barns were important, as they provided ventilation for drying hay, removing stagnant air as well as a light source. It was during this time, window cupolas became very popular, especially among homes along the coast as they provided a 360 degree view of the ocean and country side.

An ornamental structure with windows is called a lantern as it admits light. In some cases the cupola forms a room that can be reached via an interior stairway. Such a structure is called a belvedere. This is an Italian name meaning, "beautiful view." It can be roofed but open on one or more sides, creating a summer house on a height. This architectural accent forming the entire top floor can provide a meditation room, a secluded place to read a book, a retreat for painting, star gazing or just enjoying the scenery. It also can be a high perched sunroom with a magnificent view.

Architects describe cupola as small structures that sit on top of a roof, in the center of a building, at the highest point. These architectural accents, with their impressive design provide a focal point, while creating curb appeal. Cupolas are often a landmark on commercial buildings, a personal finishing touch on a home or country property.

These architectural accents are still being used, a design that goes back to ancient times. They provide a finishing touch similar to the globe on a flag pole. A ventilating cupola can save you money, as they provide a natural flow for warm air to exit through the louvered or window sides. An entire top floor formed by a cupola provides a panoramic view of the ocean and country side.

The exterior of your buildings demonstrate your personality to all. The addition of these architectural accents improves not only the quality of your look, but the value of your property for years to come. Creating curb appeal with pizzazz!

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