Dante's Inferno By Dan Brown

A great poet like Dante, a city like Florence: they both have been united by the imagination of a great writer of our times such as Dan Brown. From this high quality mix the best seller Inferno (Hell) comes out, a book destined to become a true must for lovers of mystery and intrigue, the great success of this book set the conditions for the production of the movie, which represent, in an accurate way, the plot of the story. Dan Brown with his knowledge and his extraordinary ability to expose facts and characteristic in an intriguing way managed to create a unique atmosphere in this book, the description of the places and the rush of events made this story a perfect plot reproduced through a movie. In the movie Inferno some of the monuments and the most important and fascinating place in Florence are showed. On the wake of the success even tour operators created real Hell tours leading tourists to visit the places were the movie is set such as :the Boboli Gardens, the Vasari Corridor, the Old Palace and Dante's house. Like in many others occasions Florence, was chosen as the protagonist place of the Dan Brown's novel. It's been a very important choice considered the great fame of this Italian city which every year is visited by more than ten million visitors.

There are lots of tours to do in Florence and all of them are very fascinating. Ranging from the big churches to the most visited museums in Italy, even just walking on the street in Florence you can admire buildings of great artistic and historical level. Also in Florence there are many monumental public and private gardens that represent a very important characteristic even in the most central part of the city. Dan Brown as a writer had a lot of success with his novels that illustrates the big human mysteries setting them in our days. The book Inferno doesn't deviate from this feature and it tries to shed light on the figure of Dante, and on his most famous poem: the Divine Comedy. The Divine Comedy is a popular book for his accurate descriptions about the afterlife written by Dante. Dante's imaginary journey takes place through Purgatory, Heaven and Hell. Dante's descriptions about these places are so through to fascinate all people who read this poem. Dan Brown takes his clue from the Hell description by Dante Alighieri in order to create his own novel set in Florence, in that city, which was a tumultuous city because of politics and internal fights. The Florentine poet himself was forced to leave the city forever in a long exile.

Susanna was one of the first tourist guide to create Inferno tour, a route through the places described by Dan Brown in his book inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy.

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