Dare to be Different-Because Your Child is Autistic

Are you tired of playing games, wearing masks or trying to be someone other than yourself, because you have a child who is autistic? You would like freedom to be accepted for who your are, without the pressure to be someone you are not, for the fact, that you have a child who is different than other children. How can you dare to be different?

It is difficult at times to comprehend that your child has the disorder of autism. You may have other children in your family who are considered to be born normal without any disorders. This can be a real challenge, to be able to relate this disorder to others.

You must remember, that your child was made to be a unique individual that is a gift to you. Accept your child and your circumstances as different and stop being insecure about what other people think.

Dare to be different, because your child is autistic takes courage and you must overcome your insecurities. One thing I have learned is, if I plan to be successful at anything, I would have to make choices of not being like everyone else who does not have an autistic child. Ask yourself if you are a person who pleases people, or are you someone who wants to please you and your child?

Dare to be different, because your child is autistic means being you. It is important to remember, that people who please people, allow others to control their lives in order to gain acceptance, and approval. You must be strong and not to allow other opinions of people to control your actions, because of your autistic child. If you allow other people to control you, you are falling into their mold. You will lose the idea and strength of daring to be different, because you have an autistic child.

As parent(s) and caregiver(s), you want to walk in love. You must be in touch with yourself and your child. Of course you do not want to make the mistake of doing anything you want, whenever you want, with total disregard for the feelings of others.

On the other hand, dare to be different with your autistic child, does not mean you allow people to manipulate and control you to the point where your child and you will never be free, to be who you are meant to be. If you give into this kind of control, you will be giving yourself over to what others expect of you and your child.

Remember, dare to be different with your autistic child, requires you to break out of the mold. People will always try to fit you and your child into their mold. It takes strength to dare to be different and create your own mold that is advantageous for you and your child.

Dare to be different requires you and your child to become who you are meant to be with the many challenges you will have.

You will grow and gain strength and mold your own personality, if you dare to be different. Your child and you will benefit, by respecting the fact that, he or she will be accepted for who they are.

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