Developing Children's Creativity through Arts and Crafts

Day care institutes, grade schools and home schools aim for one goal. That is to prepare and educate the youths of today. Education helps children become a better person as they grow. At a very young age, it is very critical to teach them what is good from what is not. This first stage of their life will be the sole factor of what they'll become in the future. Help them develop their skills and creativity. They are our heroes of the future.

Children develop their creativity through different arts and crafts. They do their work wholeheartedly with no profit to think of. Help them develop their skill and don't let their talents go to waste.

Mother's/Father's Day Card

Every day, we dedicate our gratitude to our parents. At these specific times of the year, we celebrate mother's day or father's day. We give flowers or cards or even just a kiss on their cheeks, greeting them a happy mother's/father's day. Help children express this by teaching them how to create their own card to give to their parents.

You will need hard paper with any color of the kid's choice, scissors for kids, glue, pencil, crayons and other pieces of artworks like cut flowers or hearts.

Instruct children to take the hard paper and fold it into two. Tell them to carefully cut their paper in any shape they want. Make sure that the folded side is still intact. Let the children write their greetings to their parents. Help them express how much they love their parents by communicating with them and asking them questions. After writing their own letter, tell them to decorate their card using their crayons to color and their glue to stick their small pieces of arts. Dry it in an open air and sunlight. Lastly, instruct the kids bring their work home and give it to their father or mother.

Picture Frame

Parents always want their children's work on display. They take pride on their child's creativity and tell guests about these artistic works. A picture frame is something you see in everyone's home. Teach children to create their own picture frame on display.

You will need hard paper, super glue, ruler, pencil, scissors for kids, crayons, a transparent plastic cover and a 5x7" picture of their own choice (they can choose a picture of their mom or dad or a picture of their whole family).

Tell the children to use the ruler to measure their hard paper by 5.5X7.5" creating its base .5" larger than the picture. Glue the picture to the base. Make sure the indentions are equal on all sides. Let it dry. Put the transparent plastic cover on top of the picture as an alternative for a glass cover. Secure this with super glue. Next, tell the children to cut strips of paper for their cover frame an inch wide. Seal the picture by sticking this paper strips on top of the plastic cover. Lastly, let them use their crayons to enhance their picture frames' creativity.

Candice loves creating artistic things using different materials. She brings the best out of waste materials. She learned how to stick plastic to plastic in many different ways. Her different art works are being featured all around the world because of its eco-friendly theme.

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