Did Ukrainian Troops Shoot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 To Foment A War?

The hidden powers that be with their globalist agenda associates want us to believe it was Russia who shot down the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 with the tragic loss of nearly 300 lives using ground missiles, but is there something going on here we are not being told about?

Without any real investigation, the rhetoric put out by the hidden powers that be controlled mainstream media says the finger points firmly on Russian aided and abetted Ukrainian rebels who were responsible. However, some think that the explanation for taking the plane down was a case of mistaken identity by a ground force based in the Ukraine, supporting Russia and thinking it was an enemy military aircraft.

Others, from various sources, say that it was carried out by Ukrainian troops. The theory behind this is based on the idea that the Ukraine military have covertly shot down the Malaysian airlines flight MH17 to blame it on the Russians as an attempt to foment a war. If this was accepted as fact internationally, then world-wide condemnation would result, politically favouring Ukraine in the war.

Officials in both the Ukraine and United States maintain emphatically that Moscow aided and abetted separatists were responsible for carrying out the shooting down of the plane, claiming that the missiles operation can be traced to these individuals involved. However, Ukraine prosecutor General Vitaliy Yarema disputes this, saying "The military told the president after the passenger plane had been shot down that the terrorists did not possess our Buk missile systems."

In support of the above, forensic experts trained in audio analyzed a recording put out by Ukraine authorities claiming that this was evidence for the Russia aided and abetted rebels at work with the missile attack... but it was dismissed by the experts as a fake. Part of the audio was claimed to be one single recording. However, when spectral and time components were analysed, it was found that this was made up of three segments which had been assembled. The dialogue recorded had come from three different separate episodes pieced together... the experts reported. Further, the tape recording had a number of pauses detected, indicating that it had specific time demarcations confirming the audio had been assembled from various episodes.

Besides all this and above all, a whistle blower claims he has satellite footage showing that it was the Ukrainian military who shot down the plane and was therefore responsible. The footage is in the possession of the United States intelligence.

We will indeed have to wait for the further developments that may bring the truth to light.

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