Different Types of Glass Shower Doors

Instead of using a shower curtain, why not try glass shower enclosures. They make your bathroom look more elegant, attractive and well lit. Glass shower enclosures are quite easy to clean and maintain. They are also quite durable with proper handling and might just be the perfect addition to transform your bathroom. There are a couple of options for glass shower enclosures including:

Frameless glass doors

These are quite popular because of their flexibility. This type of glass door is suitable for such a wide variety of bathroom styles from clean and sleek designs to an elegant and classic looking bathroom. These doors are only hinged to the wall or the rest of the glass enclosure without any other attachment, besides a locking feature if necessary. This minimalistic design makes them very easy to clean and maintain. You can also find frameless glass doors with finishing that repels water spots and scum making it even easier to maintain. Frameless glass doors are a great way to showcase your shower.

Aluminum and glass enclosures

The aluminum just adds an extra touch to spruce things up in the shower. The glass panels are set to the aluminum frame mimicking the tiles in your shower. If you are looking for an eclectic feel or something out of the norm, then this style is perfect for your bathroom.

Glass block shower enclosures

Glass blocks are often used in a variety of applications for both home and office décor. They make great shower enclosures too. You can go without a shower door and use the glass blocks as a surround enclosure. They are versatile and can be fitted into various dimensions for privacy. The textured patterns of the blocks will give your bathroom some character as well. Blocks come in various styles, thickness and color so you have such a wide selection to choose from.

Sliding glass doors

These are ideal when working with limited bathroom space or corner showers. It gives you the chance to enjoy the elegance of a glass shower enclosure without the space for a swinging door. They are customizable to fit into various spaces and come in various styles. A partially frameless sliding door is quite affordable and has a nice airy look that would be perfect for your shower. The glass panels are designed to slide past each other hence the space saving design.

Tub enclosures

Glass shower enclosures are not only available for standing showers. If your bathtub doubles up as the shower too, you can get glass tub enclosures too. You do not have to be stuck with the old shower curtain. A tempered hinged glass enclosure for instance can transform your bathtub and keep the water in the shower too. The great thing about tempered glass is its durability; it will not break when you bump it against the vanity or the toilet. Textured glass is also a great way to get privacy without the frosted appearance. The textures are even better looking with water running down the glass since it has a see through effect that masks specific details.

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