Different Types Of Pallets

Pallets are flat structures that are used in transporting things when they have to be lifted and carried from one place to another on things like a fork lifter, front loader or jacking device. It forms the foundation of the packaging that has to be transported thus saving it from any damage during the whole process. The product packages that have to be transported are often placed on a pallet and then wrapped with strapping to stop the package from running sideways. The corporations such as automobile manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and many other industries that involve shipping and transporting goods make use of a large number of pallet

Though it is thought that the pallets are only made of wood, it is not at all right. Wooden pallets are undoubtedly the most common and popularly used pallets but there are also plastic pallets, iron pallets and paper pallets used in the market currently. All these different types of pallets are a result of innovation and technology and each one of these types has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Their use in any industry is determined by what advantages they have relative to the pallets made out of other materials.

According to some statistics, more than 90% of industries making use of pallets are relying on the use of wooden pallets alone. Plastic pallet are used in around 5% industries. But it is interesting to note here that during the past few years, the demand of plastic pallets has more than doubled whereas there has been a slight decline in the demand of wooden pallets at the same time. This phenomena can be based on several reasons the most important of which is the low maintenance cost involved with the using the plastic pallets as the transportation foundation.

Wood pallets are fragile and wear and tear effect is quite evident on them. On the other hand, plastic pallets are quite rough and tough and therefore they can withstand a lot more useage over time. Besides, wood is not a material which can be moulded into desired shapes but plastic is very easy to handle and mould into whatever shape you want. This means that the plastic pallets that we can make today are much more secure, safe and handy in providing a firm foundation for the products being transported than the wooden pallets.

The reducing number of trees in the world and great hue and cry of environmental activists are yet another reason why more and more industries are reverting to the use of plastic pallets as opposed to the conventional wooden pallets. No one wants their company to get in legal trouble with any environmental activist agency, therefore they are trying to avoid the use of woods. But on the contrary, wood is completely biodegradable and trees can also be replaced and regrown, however, plastic is obtained from petroleum which cannot be renewed and plastic is not exactly biodegradable. So using plastic pallets actually hurts the environment more than using the wooden pallets. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for pallets and what they should be made of..

Using pallet to aid the transportation of goods is a great way of keeping them secure and the trend to make use of plastic pallet is increasing, to find out what you could use visit oneway-solutions.com

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