Digging Through the Politics of Social Media

You know what? I hate politics. I do. I'll put that out there in black and white. I know I'm alienating some readers by saying that as I know there are a lot of strongly passionate people when it comes to some areas of politics. But for me, it's always been like watching two kids on a playground fight each other. It's two little boys throwing rocks at each other's faces and calling each other names. It's exactly what I teach my kids NOT to do, yet they go to school and watch debates that throw every lesson I've taught them in the garbage.

Maybe it's not the politics I hate so much. Maybe it's just that I feel like there's no middle ground allowed. Politicians seem like a bunch of talking heads that have to say and believe one thing or another based on what political party with which they are identified. I don't work well in only black in white. I think life has so many different shades of gray. I believe that if I think in a Democratic way in one area, it's okay for me to lean more Republican in another. The venues that we have been subjected to in the past in regards to these types of debates have featured men (and a few women) spouting out canned answers that some speechwriter no doubt wrote for them, giving these politicians almost a robotic way of being.

Well guess what….social media is changing all of that. Politicians are taking to open forums and even hosting real-time discussions that definitely dig a little bit deeper into the person that they are. As an example, if a politician has a Facebook page, his human characteristics deepen. Perhaps there are pictures of his family, him doing his favorite hobby…suddenly, he's not a robot. He's a human being with interests outside of politics and more than likely, enjoys NOT talking politics all the time. Attend a real-time commentary with your local Senator online and you may find out that he or she is an avid golfer that greatly enjoys Harry Potter movies. Do you see what this does? It makes them more personable. For me, it actually makes watching the debates more entertaining and interesting. By focusing on the person behind the canned responses, you can get a feel for what kind of leader they will be. Are their answers genuine at the bottom of it all? Will they truly try to make a difference? Can I tolerate the areas that we don't totally agree upon? Who, in the end, is going to be the best person for the job regardless of whether we agree on anything or not?

That's the one that's going to get my vote.

Tamara Day is a writer that's living life in a northern town while dreaming of a southern one, while having interactive discussions with politicians on http://www.tawkers.com

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