Digital Marketing: Changing the World of Promotion

Digital marketing has revolutionized the traditional ways of marketing all over the world, in a short span of time. Promotion of products or services has become much easier, diversified and integrated. Digital Marketing helps build customers online by product attraction, engagement and conversion. To connect with the customers, multiple online channels are utilized, consisting of SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Online Advertising. These tools are demarcated below:

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO increases the visibility of search engine results that are organic (non-paid). Both creative and technical elements are used for this tool. SEO is used for creating awareness, improve rankings and getting views.

Content Marketing emphasizes on the formation and circulation of substantial, valuable and reliable content. It is a strategic approach which attracts the customer and turns it into a profitable action. For content marketing, the nature of product and the targeted audience are of utmost prominence.

Influencer marketing, as the name suggest, involves the preference of an influencer for a product or service. It is basically the recommendation of a person who is well regarded for his popularity, expertise and reputation. For example a blogger or a person with YouTube channel with massive number of followers.

Social Media accounts for the virtual communities and networks that are computer-mediated technologies. It allows the people to create and share their ideas and information according to their area of interest. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn are the most prominent examples of social media.

Online advertising has multiple titles. This tool uses internet for marketing and advertising for the delivery of brand promotion to the customers. It helps diversify the research and finding the prospective customers to expand their revenue. Online advertising offers PPC (pay-per-click) or paid search, paid social, online display advertising and also in-app ads. The campaign elements which are technically vital for online advertising are text and visual ads, landing pages, call tracking, sponsored content, analytics, email marketing and remarketing.

The role of digital marketers is much diversified. It accounts for big responsibility of successfully maintaining a marketing campaign. The professionals have to monitor the preference of the individuals, timings, sales conversions and area of interest. They also keep a track of tools which individuals dislike or neglect.

Digital marketing also include components like mobile apps, text messaging, podcasts, billboards (electronic), digital TV, radio channels and many others.

Digital Marketing offers 360 degree promotion. It's about engaging the customers and providing them informative content about the product and services that is accessible on every other device.

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