Discover Summer Fun--For Children With Autism

Spring seems to come and go and summer is the time when there should be fun for children with autism. What makes summer fun for children with autism?

Depending on where you live or the climate of your surroundings for the summer months, there can be many variations of fun for the summer with your child who has the disorder of autism.

If you live by many lakes, as I do in Minnesota, the summer fun is endless. Children, with autism can go canoeing,boating swimming, walking, going to the zoo, the library, bicycle riding, swimming and enjoying the many green lush parks that are filled with many picnic tables to enjoy your food with your child.

Each child, with autism, is unique and displays many unique interests and talents. You, as parent(s) or caregiver(s) must be interested in your child, so you will be able to discern what your child with autism, can do, for their capabilities.

For example, your child may not enjoy bicycle riding, but enjoy walking and looking at the flowers, or picking the flowers to take home. He or she may not enjoy swimming, but enjoy the visit to the zoo with all the variations of animals that are visible.

Another example is, summer fun for your child could be to enjoy an outdoor picnic, that requires very little stress, but is still able to enjoy the summer outdoors and nature.

An excellent point to remember is, your child may not like bright sun-light or the glare of the water that is on the lakes. So, take that into consideration if you plan to be where there is water and sun-light.

Summer fun for children with autism can be fun, by just having picture puzzles available, so your child can put them together on your porch or placing a table outdoors for your child to work on with the puzzles.

You could purchase a light weight large rubber ball and play catch with it, draw pictures of the trees and clouds, water, boats and flowers. Be creative, children love new challenges that are fun.

Summer fun for children with autism can be simple. Listening to music and relaxing with their parent(s), family, caregiver(s) outdoors or indoors can be very enjoyable.

Whatever is planned for to have summer fun, with your child that has autism, you and your family, should be prepared to be creative with new innovations, ideas for planning.

Encourage your child to take part in the planning. Give your child choices. For example, your child may not like or enjoy swimming, but there could be the possibility of swimming lessons available, which could encourage your child to participate and develop new skills. In addition, your child, may not enjoy the zoo, but enjoy boat riding or walking through a flower garden with many vibrant colors.

Let your child know that the discovery of summer fun is enhanced with the interests and development of trying new things and challenges that are geared to your child and the family.

The summer fun is surrounded with the interests for your child, the age, the climate and what your child is capable of doing. Never push or force your child to do something that will create great frustration and anxiety. Encourage your child and love your child.

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