Discover The Different Types of Autism

I had to learn many things about the different types of autism, due to the disorder of my brother. One thing I did learn and maybe you have heard the term Pervasive Development Disorder, which is a term used to describe the many different types of autism.

* One study of autism has been going on since the 1930's and 40's. This type of autism was called Kanner's, named after the doctor who studied it. During his study, he found that this type of autism revealed a lower functioning type. The individuals who had this type of autism showed socialization problems and communication problems. These individuals are difficult to understand because of their lack of communication, and social skills.

The other factor that may be involved with these individuals that have Kanner's autism is, they may have poor motor skills and doing actions that are repetitive motions This could cause temper tantrums, anger outbursts, when there are changes in routine or different schedules, that have to be met. There are some individuals who may not talk or they have a limited vocabulary with no sentences being formed or structured.

* Have you ever heard of Rett's Syndrome? This is another types of autism that is considered to be a lower-functioning autism. For some reason, there is usually mental retardation involved with this type that makes it different and it appears mostly in females. One of the important things I have learned from Rett's Syndrome is, the females who have this disorder are usually impaired when it comes to movements. Most of them do not talk. Through research and learning new knowledge, it has been known that this type of autism, is usually considered to be a genetic defect. No one seems to know for sure, why it appears in females only.

* All of the other types of autism, that is different appears in males. This type is called Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. It usually happens after a child appears to develop normally. The individual has good speech skills, and motor skills. Then all of a sudden, by the time the child reaches the ages between two to four years old, the individual regresses into the form of some kind of autistic disorder. This type of autism is a mystery, due to the fact there is no explanation why this happens.

* The last type of autism that I am going to briefly explain is, the Asperger's autism. These individuals who have this type of autism, have better communication and socialization skills. This usually shows up when starting school or in the classroom with teaching methods.

These are some of the different types of autism that you would want to learn more about.

Are you willing to do some research on the different types of autism? Do you want to explore and discover what the different types of autism are? How do these types of autism apply to your child, if you have a concern? Seek professional knowledge and guidance before making your decision. Remember, there is no cure of autism. You as parents, have no way of knowing if autism as a disorder, will happen to your child.

Research is being accomplished to find out the cause and cure for autism. It takes time and money to try to achieve this.

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