Discover Why Children With Autism Have Abnormal Relationships to Objects and Events

Children with autism have a difficult time relating to what is considered to be normal, in relation to events and objects. Most of these individuals have a way of interacting with objects or events, with their behavior, that does not relate to the objects or events. The result is, abnormal relationships to objects and events.

Most individuals with autism will become upset, if the objects or schedules are changed. For example, if your child is familiar with taking a certain stuffed toy to bed with them and it is changed to another stuffed toy, the individual may become resistant, difficult to manage. This could also happen, when the routine of bedtime is changed, and the need for knowing what to expect or predictability, is changed, or challenged. This is considered to be an abnormal relationships to objects and events.

It has been viewed, that children with autism do much better, when there are no changes, routine stays the same, events and objects stay the same. This kind of life-style that the child with autism has, when predictability is present, puts stress on the parent(s), and the rest of the family. They too, become resistant, frustrated and challenged by this behavior.

There have been discussions and thoughts, that when a child with autism, chooses the same predictability, they are attempting to control, manage and predict what they want from their parent(s), but the child is, also out of control.

To have a healthy growth and relationships, that are not with objects and events, a child with autism can be taught, that there will be changes, schedules will change, environments will change and objects will change. Therefore, abnormal relationships to objects and events will become normal and less stressful.

Another area to consider with individuals with autism, is their play time. Some do not play at all. They do not want to interact with play objects, such as cars, trucks, dolls or other toys. This is an abnormal relationship to objects and events.

In addition, they may go out to dinner with their family and it is a different place, not the usual one they go to, which is routine, which may cause the child to have an anger outburst, be resistant, become hard to handle, because it is not scheduled. This again, is to be considered abnormal relationships with objects and events.

With patience and understanding, that your child needs to grow and be taught, to have healthy relationships to objects and events, by making changes. This will happen in their life and yours. You as parent(s) must not allow your child to control you, because your child does not like the changes being made with objects and events.

Encouragement, treatments, with individuals with autism, will direct a positive way for your child, to be taught that changes with objects and events can be enjoyable. Never give up on them!

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