Do Autistic Children Laugh-Out-Loud For No Apparent Reason? Find Out

Many parents report their autistic children laugh-out-loud, for no apparent reason. Parents, or outsiders who are unfamiliar with autism, find it difficult for them to understand, and often socially embarrassing. It is important to keep in mind that autistic children have difficulty with proper reactions to social situations, which is why they often laugh-out-loud for no apparent reason. The same autistic child may have anger outbursts as well, and this is a build up of emotion that is released, often when the child has too much going on in their world,and they become overstimulated.

Laughing-out-loud for no apparent reason, is not the only thing that an autistic child will exhibit. Some of the other behaviors you may see in an autistic child, are repetitive, self injuring behavior, for example, hitting or slapping. In addition, they do not maintain good eye contact, and have trouble communicating with the outside world. Years ago, children diagnosed with autism were socially shunned, and seen as unable to be educated. They were separated from other children in educational institutions, and not given the opportunities that other children who did not suffer from autism were given.

Fortunately, we live in an age where this is unacceptable, and children with autism are able to live fairly "normal" lives. The medical community has come a long way with the treatment for autism. In 1987, one method, known as (Applied Behavior Analysis) which was introduced, and is still, 20 years later is the leading treatment for autism. In some studies, up to 47% of the children were able to lead "normal" lives, to be integrated, into public schools with no problem communicating or behaving in public environments.

The technique called, (Applied Behavior Analysis) involved rewarding children for proper behaviors, while ignoring (not punishing) incorrect behaviors. In one study, children who loved being in the outdoors were rewarded for accomplishment at school by immediately being able to take a walk outside with their teacher. The result, was a positive discovery for children, who had the behavior of laughing-out-loud for no apparent reason. This links proper behavior to a valid reward system. Negative behaviors, on the other hand, were ignored, not acknowledged, showing slight disappointment, and encouraging the children to read signals, to help them behave in ways, that would cause them to be rewarded. It is important to encourage an autistic child, who is laughing-out-loud for no apparent reason, to communicate, in some fashion, and discover social skills, that may not have previously been utilized.

If the behavior of laughing-out- loud for no apparent reason is ignored, the child will learn to use this behavior to calm themselves, and not have an immediate reaction to being stimulated or laugh when there is a reason. It is important to note when a child displays this behavior, it may be when they are in crowded situations, or when the noise level is too loud. It is often a reaction there is too much commotion, and how in their brain, processed in the brain, which causes the behavior. Learn, and pay attention to what produces specific behavior(s), in your child, that may cause laughing-out-loud for no apparent reason, and try to avoid them if possible.

Autism is a disorder, that calls for being educated, learning how to find a cure and what causes it. The medical experts are advancing, but for now, we need to do the best we can to help our children lead "normal" every day lives. The problem of autistic children laughing-out-loud for no apparent reason, is something that may be assisted with behavioral modification, and treatment by experts in that field.

If you have concerns about the behavior of your child, with autism, and are disturbed by your child laughing-out-loud for no apparent reason, do research and learn as much as you can, to be updated with the current results, will be advantageous for your child. Join networking groups, that offer discussions on autism, and the subject of laughing-out-loud for no apparent reason. Talk to your medical experts and discover what they might contribute, to help your child. You and your child are worth it.

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