Do Children With Autism Have Unique Abilities? Find Out

I have noticed and experienced with my interaction relating to individuals with autism, that they express unusual and unique abilities that are incompatible with their disorder. What are these abilities and are they really unique?

There are children and young adults that have excellent memories. For example, they remember faces, names, places, addresses and phone numbers. These are just a few examples. Another unique ability is, there are individuals with autism who can successfully memorize maps and know numerical calculations.

I personally know a child who has the disorder of autism who can memorize a small telephone directory, with names in alphabetical order. This child, in addition, can read extremely difficult words, but he does not have the knowledge or the ability to know the meaning of the words he reads, or relate to them.

Some children with autism that I have associated with, are able to sing on tune or have the correct pitch. Other individuals have played musical instruments with not having any knowledge as to how the notes are played or read. Playing the piano, is one of the instruments that seem to be acknowledged, as the most popular instrument, a child with autism gravitates towards, without having the experience of knowing music.In addition, the ability to play a song from memory after only hearing it once, is also a unique ability.

Sometimes the person with autism can display a deficit that might be like a computer. They are able to remember many words, but do not understand the meaning of the words to put them together in a sentence. They have a limited vocabulary. Their comments or sentence structure may not make sense with what they are communicating. Their speech may be a challenge to understand or relate to. These individuals usually do not comprehend the ideas or meaning that the words are to represent,but they do have a unique ability, that their memory is excellent when it comes to learning the words.

There are other children with autism who use gestures, facial expressions, nods, and pointing. These are forms that do not have verbal communication. The unique ability is, these individuals understand when they are listening to what is expected of them. They too, do not know how to communicate in words, so they use these verbal signs of expression, to communicate and understand what they are hearing. This is a unique ability.

It is imperative to understand that all individuals with autism are not the same. Each person, has his or her, own unique ability, that depends on the severity of the disorder and age. When one discovers the unique ability of an individual with autism, encourage that ability and it will develop in another positive trait.

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