Do I Have Job Security?

As we have grown up, we have constantly been taught that in order to be successful in life, you need to work hard, get as many good grades as possible, go to college/high school and then on to university to get the best job possible. That when you get that job you've spent years working towards, you will be secure financially and you will build a good pension pot, of which you can then live your golden years out in comfort. This is no longer reality, it is instead a pipe dream, anDo you have a plan B?echo of the past with a 4 bed house, well-kept garden and picket fence around it. You cannot rely on anything or anyone else to give you freedom in your later years.It's not even the senior years that people should be worried about, it's the now!

There is no longer such a thing as job security and companies all over the world are proving it again and again with countless layoffs and cutbacks. Even the much revered Forces of her Majesty the Queen are suffering under the weight of the recession and many soldiers and forces personnel are losing their jobs, along with the promise of a very generous pension.So what exactly are you saying?Okay look, financial independence and freedom is not a pipe dream, in fact it is fast becoming a realisation amongst so many business owners, start-ups and self-employed people. These are people who know they need to look beyond the promise of a job, the promise of employment. When it comes down to it, you are just working to make someone else's dream come true, or someone else's business to grow.

So why don't you get off your behind and work on your dream? Work on something that is going to eventually work for you and support you and your family in the long run?Whatever your excuses are stop yourself now, because none of them are going to cut it and the smell of comfort is not going to mask your fear and inability to realize your full potential. Perhaps you want to turn around now and say that your passion is in a job. Well I can tell you now that whatever it is you have a real passion about, you can turn it into a business or a lifetime investment that is going to serve you. You don't need to give yourself to the rat race and the companies that are never going to pay you what you're truly worth.

Some of the best opportunities on this earth come in the form of network marketing, online business opportunities, business ventures and one clever idea. One good idea alone backed with the proper amount of enthusiasm has the potential to give you financial freedom and occupation, alongside passion, for the rest of your days. So ask yourself now, is there something you have a burning passion for? Or maybe even something you could get passionate about, then just act on it, no matter what you think the outcome will be.

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