Do I Really Need Cat Furniture

Cat furniture seems like a new fad, but it is actually a very popular concept for many years. Most cat owners would probably tell you that the only difference is now the furniture is designed for just that purpose. In the 'old days' the furniture being scratched by the cat was the prized sofa bed, or grandma's quilt rack. Not to mention the unexpected swipe to the face while you're resting on grandma's sofa bed!

Cats scratch and paw for various reasons, but most are associated with either marking territory or as some form of exercise. If your cat is new to your household it is most likely that he/she hasn't yet carved out his niche in your home. by giving him a corner cat tower or a cat sleeper or cat daybed to call his own you will make him much more comfortable in his new environment. This works especially well in multiple cat households to cut down on the 'sibling rivalry' factor.

Even though cats sleep all day, they are very energetic animals. Wind one up and see! They wait until night-time to start their romps because of the hard-wired nocturnal hunting mechanism. Experts agree that many of the unattractive traits that some cats exhibit are founded in either a sense of insecurity or a hyperactive state caused by too little exercise. Fortunately both causes are fairly easy to remedy. A corner cat tower provides the jumping and climbing cat a designated space to run rampant without the risk of damaging furniture of knick-nacks around the house. And if your cat is a bit...well, overweight, its a perfect way to allow them the exercise needed to drop a few pounds and a few notches on the aggression scale.

Providing your cat with a personal space to relax in is very beneficial to preventing your ferocious feline from destroying your furniture. A little nook or a cat tower in a corner can give your cat the sense of safety that keeps them from feeling the need to protect a sense of boundary. It also provides the added benefit of giving your cat the arena to jump, scratch and play to their hearts content, allowing them to use up extra energy that may otherwise go toward scratching and clawing inappropriately.

Today's cat furniture not only serves to give your pets the tools and opportunity to climb and play indoors safely, but also helps to keep the peace when introducing a new cat or newborn.

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