Do Intensive Driving Courses Really Work Out Successfully?

Ask most people, and most driving instructors, whether it is a good idea to take an intensive driving course, and I would wager, 80% would say No!!

They will point out that it takes time to assimilate what you have learned over a period of months and even years.

Not True! Quite the opposite is true.

Taking a lesson a week probably means you will forget most of the lesson the next time you get in the car. Can you remember what you had for lunch last week? On average, it will take 10 minutes of your lesson to "Get back in to the routine" from the previous lesson. Then another 10 minutes going over lesson structure and goals. Then another 10 minutes at the beginning and end of the lesson for getting ready, and booking the next lessons etc. So, you are probably only getting 30mins worth of tuition each and every hour.

Another myth surrounding intensive driving courses is that you will be at test standard in a fewer amount of lessons. In some cases, candidates believe that by simply doing a 35 hour intensive driving course they will be at test standard. An intensive driving course CAN reduce the amount of hours' tuition you will need, by a process of repetitive cramming. But is not a guaranteed fact. It does help with repetitive cramming, but the work still has to be put in. You don't get "Anything for Nothing".

The DSA state that on average pupils who are at test standard have received 45 hours worth of professional tuition coupled with 22 hours worth of private practice. In other words candidates require on average between 45 and 70 hours worth of tuition to be ready for test.

If you merely took one hour's tuition a week it would take you over a year to reach test standard, but by doing an intensive driving course it is possible to reach test standard within 5 days. I know this, as this is what I have been doing since 1987, and can proudly say thousands of my ex-students are littering the country now, figuratively speaking!!

Your life gets in the way when learning to drive if you take the one lesson a week option. Driving lessons taken at one per week over a six month period (26 lessons), would have many obstacles in the way. For example, a relationship ends, or your parent's divorce, or you need to go in to hospital, or you lose your job, and on and on. An intensive course would shorten this time down to a focused concentrated effort of 5 days, so that all your focus is there. Greatly reducing the chance of life's problems getting in the way.

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