Do You Consider Your Child With Autism a Problem?

What is a problem? A problem is something to be worked out. Many parent(s), caregiver(s), consider their child with autism a problem. Problems are measured in intensity of difficulty. With the many levels and variations, the disorder of autism has numerous problems and challenges, that affect many families.

Many parent(s), caregiver(s) start solving little problems and continue with life that has problem after problem with their child. They choose to believe that having no problems, means happiness. Remember, you have a child with autism spectrum disorder (autism) and there will be problems, but there still can be happiness. A happy life is not the absence of problems, but to learn how to handle them. You will always have problems whether your child is autistic or another child is considered to be normal.

A problem could be the motivation needed to live better or to be involved in something you would not have been involved with. Problems with your child who has autism gives you an opportunity to exercise new challenges. A problem is what you make it. Therefore, it is not your child that is the problem.

Your child, may give you problems because he or she is autistic, but the problems that come, will either make you stronger or make you weaker. It is your choice.

Many parent(s), caregiver(s), believe they have a giant problem. Do you have a giant problem? What is your outlook with your child and family? How do you see your problem with your child and family? Therefore, your problem is not your problem, but what you think about your problem, is your problem.

I have learned that about ninety-five percent of your problems have to do with your attitude. A problem is just a demand placed upon you without no apparent solution with or for your child. You are probably thinking you spend most of your time in the valleys, rather than on the mountain top with the life you have with your child who has autism. It is and can be frustrating.

Have you ever thought of problems as policy makers? Certain problems, such as a child with autism will cause you to take a plan of action to make your life easier, safe, and more productive. This will create new doors to open, new knowledge and you will probably discover many wonderful blessings by taking action and growing.

Maybe you feel like you are just not getting anywhere or perhaps losing ground. Do not get discouraged, because your problem will become easier to resolve and handle.

It is amazing to me when I hear many parent(s), caregiver(s) who have children with autism, complaining about how they have nothing but troubles, and problems. Troubles are to be expected but the trouble is, that they come out of nowhere without any warning. There are the times when you think you are prepared for anything, and everything, then a different problem will appear.

The trouble with problem(s) when you are raising your child with autism, is you do not want those problems. You want every day to be clear, happy, free from worry, and full of prosperity. It is a challenging place to be.

Remember, there is not a problem with your autistic child, that cannot be resolved or changed. You can change your problem to become a positive input, as to what you are going to do about your problem and then allow the end result to become a healthy problem that is being resolved. Do not give up. The trouble with life sometimes is, we get the test first and the lesson later.

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