Do You Have too High of Expectations for Your Child With Autism?

There are many parent(s), caregiver(s), who have too high expectations for their child with autism. In reality, you must remember, that each person is a separate individual. Your child with autism has a disorder, but he or she should not be put in a position where your expectations of that person is too high. There will be differences of emotional patterns and variations of the levels of autism with each person.

You want to honor your child who has the disorder of autism by accepting his or her strengths, abilities, needs and desires. Having too high of expectations for your child with autism could cause anxiety and frustration.

You as parent(s), caregiver(s), want to come together with a relationship, so you do not have too high of expectations for your child with autism. In my opinion, when you come together and try to understand your child who has the disorder of autism, instead of having too high expectations of him or her, you will begin to create a healthier relationship with your child.

If you respect your child with autism, there is no need to have too high of expectation for him or her. You will see the value or differences with the respect you give your child, so you can build and encourage strengths, to compensate for his or her weaknesses.

If you are honoring the differences your child has with his or her strengths and weaknesses, instead of tearing them down, there is no need to have too high of expectations, for your child with autism. Learn how to improve the weak areas of your child by asking for help and understanding your child. It does take patience. In addition, your child with autism is unique as his or her siblings and the rest of the family are. But, as parent(s), caregiver(s), you may make the mistake of thinking, your child is the same as the rest of the family peers, but he or she has their own personality.

If you choose not to honor and respect your child with autism with his or her differences, then your communication and relationship, could deteriorate and become negative.

I would recommend before expectations become too high for you child with autism, discuss these differences and share which are the important ones, with your spouse, caregiver(s), experts in the field of autism, your doctor. Do research and network on the internet. In addition, go to the library and attend the many autistic groups that are available to you, in your area.

Listen with your heart open, do not judge, if someone likes to do something a little different. It does not mean it is the right way, if it is your way. There may be several ways of doing various tasks.

Evaluate the reasons why you are having too high expectations for your child with autism. There could be conflicts about the ways in which things are done or where priorities are placed. Take some time to find a new way of doing things. Sometimes by the third way of doing it, becomes better than the first and second way, Be patient, to teach your child new ways of doing tasks and learning.

Choose love for your child, love instead of fear, and harmony instead of conflict for your child and you.

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