Do You Really Need A Website? Some People Don't Think So

Not everyone feels the need for setting up a website. They feel that there is still potential left in the conventional marketing and promotional techniques and that there is a long way to go before their clients start searching for them or their products online. But the truth is that in almost every field, clients and constantly making comparisons and searching for cheaper and innovative offers from competitors, which they can search out online. Just to stay in the business and keep your offline services afloat, it is important to have a website. This article lists out how and why visitors want you to have a website.

Mandatory For Some Things

A school in a rural or semi-urban area may feel that it does not require a website or a domain name, but when the first student from that school plans to go abroad, they will need to show their bonafide education and will need to back it up with transcripts from their school teachers or dean. Foreign universities and schools do a thorough background check on incoming students and require that they communicate only with the email address listed on the schools website, to ensure safety and confidentiality. Which is why, if a school does not have their own domain name for their email address or does not have a website listing the email addresses for the staff or school contact, their students may suffer.

Supplements Your Event Participation

If your company or business has participated in an event or trade fair, a website is the ideal way to keep the conversation going and provide in depth product information. Most companies avoid focusing on their website and prefer to personally explain about their wares to visitors or participants of the business fair. Keeping a laptop on display, with your website running in the browser is a good idea to attract visitor attention and cause them to visit your website in future. Prominently mention your website url on your stall and branding given out to visitors. A website is a long term way of exhibiting what you sell and connecting with prospective consumers in a better way.

Plain Old Brochure

Even for B2B businesses, having a website allows you to be searchable across the internet, something that is important for every business' existence in today's world. Instead of printing a 100 page brochure, you can just direct people to your online web page and have them either download the entire catalogue as a PDF file or see the products on your website directly. An online brochure or brochure website has the advantage of being searchable, easily sortable, helps in comparisons and also allows the user to make a spot purchase.

Correct Misconceptions

A website can be a great myth buster and clear up some common misconceptions about your brand, business, work techniques or history. You could also geographically position and distinguish yourself from the rest of your industry. A dedicated page for common misconceptions and common rumours about your business can be a good start for a new product or service. A client of ours was in the chemical business and was constantly flooded with enquiries about a commonly used household chemical for cleaning. When they finally put up a web page on the rumours, not only did it quell the fears of their prospective buyers, but their page comes up tops in Google Search results for the chemical name.

Get Your Offline Services Online

"The early bird catches the worm" and just like that the first person in the industry who makes a website and starts selling online usually gets the most benefit. Although there is a steep learning curve and not everyone businessman has the time to services his online and offline business front, the rewards could be quite tempting.

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