Does Vitamin B6 Help in The Treatment With Autism?

There have been numerous studies completed with curious questions of asking if vitamin B6, helps with the treatment of autism. That is a good question. There have been strong reports from sources stating that vitamin B6 in high dosages, may benefit children with autism. Of course this should be taken with other normal supplements.

To this date, there has been no report of the effects associated with taking oral or large dosages of vitamin B6, that would help with the treatment of autism. It appears to be speculation and gathering information on individuals who have taken it.

Studies reveal some side effects such as tingling in the hands and feet, which is comparable to what you would feel, when your hand or foot fall asleep. These individuals were not taking magnesium with B6.

Taking magnesium with B6 vitamin is not a cure, but is does make a difference. Magnesium is found in many foods, but mostly in green vegetables. It is an imperative mineral that is necessary for all the body cells and brain cells.

I have viewed many studies, read many articles on the subject of this vitamin and asked the question, is it suppose to help with the treatment of autism? I have discovered that a child with autism might improve with high dosages of B6 vitamin, if that individual has the body or system, that requires the vitamin.

It appears, that some individuals are extremely sensitive to larger than normal amounts of this vitamin, which means, it is not wise to give the vitamin to them.

There have been studies that show, high dosages of vitamin B6, can cause nerve problems. Children with autism are extremely unique individuals with many variations and levels of the disorder. To say for sure or give a concrete positive answer that vitamin B6 will help in the treatment of autism,depends on the individuals age, the level of autism and the rest of their daily diet, plus their weight.

There has been controversy about the evidence, of vitamin B6, if it does help or influence the treatment of autism? We know, according to studies, that this vitamin, with magnesium is necessary for more than 60 biological processes, in a healthy body.

The body converts vitamin B6 in a compound used to release energy from carbohydrates and starches and to break down proteins. It is also imperative for the chemicals in the brain.

If you are deciding to use vitamin B6, for treatment with your child who has autism, I would suggest to try it, evaluate it and see if there are changes with your child. I would suggest to network with other parent(s) or caregivers who are using vitamin supplements, to help aid with autism. Ask them questions, compare notes and have discussions on the subject.

Of course, please, get information from your family doctor or nutritionist, who are updated, educated and knows about the treatment of vitamins, to give you a better understanding of the positive and negative end results of what to expect from vitamin B6 or, if it will help in the treatment of autism.

In addition, do research on vitamin B6 and the various values it has and if there are side effects and will it help with the treatment of autism. Be informed and keep updated on new discoveries that may help in the updated treatment of autism.

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